Advice on Taking Advice


Sometimes we all need some advice I mean we are only human and sadly we cannot always figure things out on our own. Advice can be a great thing to get, it can help you see things from a different perspective and angle. Someone else opinion on the problem could shed a new light on whatever issue you need help resolving. 

This is where it gets tricky though...

Who do you ask for this advice?

Pretty much our first thought is to run to our best friend, parent or sibling. I mean they must be able to give the best advice right? They should know you the best and have your best interests at heart. Now I hope the later is true and that whenever you do get any form of impute it is from a place of love and a real want for things to work out for you but sometimes those people are the worst to get advice from simply because...they have no idea what they are talking about.

Getting advice about being cheated on from someone...who has never had that happen.
Advice on dealing with a difficult boss from someone...who has never worked a day in their life
Going to a friend to get their opinion on a career choice...when they themselves have no idea what to do with their own life!

These are just some examples and trust me, I know from experience that there are many more! It is crazy how easily people dish out advice on topics that they are completely clueless on. The worst part is if you do take that advice and it all blows up in your face, even if your instinct is telling you to do something different! An example I have is when I was in a relationship my friends would tell me "do not text him, even if you want will come off needy" which would lead to me being terrified to text him resulting in not talking to him for days at a time.

Needy because you text someone. How stupid is that?

My approach now is if I want to text, I will text. Just not go all crazy stalker text 30 times in a day kind of texting.

My point is...if you have a problem or need advice first look inside yourself . There is a very high chance that you already know the answer and that is may just be too hard to face. We have instincts for a reason, think of how free and honest babies are. They follow their instincts without the pollution of other people's opinions. So first check in with yourself.

Second, if you are finding this is too hard for you seek advice from a person who may have had the same thing or something similar happen. They will have a much better understanding and even if they cannot give you advice at least you will receive real empathy for the situation you are in.

Be sure to look inside yourself first!
Learn to trust yourself and your own thoughts.


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