Sometimes life can feel like the biggest bully on the playground. You know that one with the side baseball cap, wife beater and peanut butter caked on the side of it's mouth demanding your lunch money or else. Or maybe that bully in the girls change room whispering while pointing out your clothes to other girls. Either way it is that bully that makes you want to smack it hard and tell it to fix it's attitude. If only life were matter...then you could. Unfortunately life is not and believe or not we have more control over it then we may think, and the thing that makes us have more control over it is one thing we all possess. Attitude.

I do not mean attitude like attitude I mean attitude like outlook and your lust for life!

When you have a bad attitude you attract bad things. Negative thoughts, bitter words, thinking that life is out to get you and you never get what you want. Only pretty people have lovers and only smart people have good jobs. The rich are the happiest and the poor are the saddest. I won't even win because I have no luck and my favorite...nice people finish last. Bad thoughts create bad scenarios in your life. Negative attracts negative and like a flower if you water it with all these nasty thoughts you are going to grow yourself one nasty-ass flower.

Then there is the flip side. Positive. By this I do not mean you have to be some hippie yoga doing flower child who has no goals and only goes with the flow. That is a cliche I would like to set fire to. Positive thinking means thinking things that actually motivate you and benefit you! For example, when you get up in the morning. Instead of thinking "Oh this is just another day that I have to get through" try thinking "Oh another day! so many possibilities". Now I am fully aware how ridiculous that sounds but guess what...the joke is on you because it does work. Try thinking thoughts like I am capable of anything I want, I have the ability to make my dreams come true, I have so much to be thankful for, things have not been easy but I can handle this and so many others. Let that flower blossom into a beautiful bloom with positive and loving thoughts. Instead of the ugly flower that no one wants to be around because it is just so...toxic.

Life is this crazy thing that is just full of opportunities as long as you were willing to step back and see if for yourself. I have been through my own whirlwind of experiences in my life that had left me insanely negative for longer then I would like to admit. Let life be the adventures it is suppose to be and start doing things not just talking or dreaming about them as well begin thinking those thoughts that will get you there. Negative thoughts have never been the fuel for real success in any life. Things that are worth keeping are never easy to get. Things that are easy to get rarely last.

Love life! xoxo

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  1. :))
    Thank you for all the sweet comments on my blog :)
    And thank you for letting me know about yours, which I find really nice! I hope you'll keep on writing on here :)

    1. Thank you for reading it :)
      I do plan of continuing to write here as well as continue reading your blog!
      It is encouraging to hear something enjoys it :)


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