Dreams Are Meant to Be Chased


We all have dreams. It is just that plain and simple. We all have that one or few things we wish we could do, whether it is to travel to this one certain place or get that one job or career. We all have a dream but not many of us actually pursue those dreams, or when we do we take it far too seriously as well we take ourselves way too seriously.
Straight up I used to be master procrastinator, I could put things off for ages and ages. As well I used to be a great creator of excuses as to why I could not pursue my dreams. I even has a list of go to phrases (of course I did not have these actually written down to pull out...that would just be pathetic) that I would continuously use;

I am too tired
I am too broke
I will fail so why bother
I am not good enough
It is too hard
Blah blah blah. Now when I look back I realize how annoying these must have been for my friends and family to hear from me. I suspect it even just became background white noise because let's be honest, yes I had rough times, hard times and times were I could not get out of bed but the worst thing I could have done was make these excuses. All they did was make things worse! As people we are so good as excuses and putting ourselves down and minimizing how good or skilled we really are. Or we fake it and make ourselves come off as amazing and confident when really on the inside we are destroying our own self esteem with hateful thoughts! But the main thing is...we do all these things to convince ourselves not to bother with our dreams because how can it really happen. It is a dream. They are not meant to be real, they are meant to just be those thoughts that keep us warm at night.
The fact is how do you think all those people who achieved their dreams did it!
Do you think they sat at home hating their lives and wishing for it to be better without taking the steps to do it? I can tell you the answer is no.
Did they sit around whining, complaining, bitching and moaning about it? Maybe, we all are capable of being annoyingly whinny but clearly they hopped out of that and worked on achieving their dreams.
I used to be all those things till something clicked in my head and I went...what the hell am I doing? I am sitting around doing all these negative things and complaining that I have nothing that I want when the reality is...I never really worked to get what I want. That has changed and lately I have been achieving and changing massive things in my life. I will touch on the dream that I am making true in a moment but first I also just wanted to touch on something I do truly believe makes it harder for us to achieve our dreams. That thing is how seriously we take it and ourselves within that dream.
I believe dreams are things that are to be fun to have and as well the process to make those dreams come true should be filled more with happiness and excitement then the sick feeling of stress and self-pressure that comes with taking it too seriously. I used to work in film and as much as I honestly did not put enough effort into it to succeed I also took is extremely seriously. That combination made me so frustrated with myself so I ended up completely stepping back from film and have not acted in over 5 years. What is the point in taking it so seriously?
Of course it is good to be focused on it and for it to be on your list of priorities but to let it become almost a toxic thing in your life seems to be a opposite of what a dream should be. As well to take yourself too seriously has the same effect! Just let life be what it is suppose to be...society and people have made life to seem like this battle. It has to be hard, it has to be focused solely around work and money. If this is not your mentality then you are some lazy hippie or you are just not going to succeed in life. I believe those things are so untrue but sadly most people believe in this, these things are also something that keeps many people from striving for their dreams because it does not fit into the “Curriculum of Life”. What you are supposed to do is get married, have a good job, kids, pets, house and a great retirement fund. I agree those are fantastic things and I want nothing more than to have a family of my own but why shouldn’t you at least try out your own dreams before hand?  As Nike would say “Just do it”.
As for me...the biggest dream coming true right now?
Well it is one I never thought would happen...it is one I had since childhood and gave up on way back when because for some reason I was convinced it would never happen. I know better now so I am chasing it and making it happen.
In October of this year I will be making the move to London, England.
Yes it is pricey, it takes work, saving, sacrifices and dealing with people asking annoying questions or statements like;
Aren’t you scared?
It probably won't work out.
Oh you will be back just watch.

Or my favorite statement “you are so lucky”. I will deal with that statement in another post since I do not believe what-so-ever in luck only effort. I know to just ignore these statements because your dream is your own. Not theirs. It is there problem if they cannot chase their own or are too scared to. Do not let their frustrations with their lack of dreams become poison within your own!
Chase your dreams! No matter how hard your life has been, how little you have what others say or what you say about yourself. Or any and all other excuses or statements I believe everyone has the right to at least try to make their dreams come true because at least then...you will never have the regret of not trying.
xoxo Nicole - feel free to follow, ask any questions or leave comments

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  1. good for you that you're taking chances :D i admire you for that!

  2. Oh thank you D
    That is so nice to hear :)


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