Lemon Water- Drink It


Everyone has an opinion as to what is best to eat or drink in the morning. Some say stick to good old fiber cereals and others swear by green smoothies. Now I eat/drink both, alternating them every once in awhile but there is one thing that I believe (and science has proven...and science knows everything right?) that drinking warm lemon water in the morning is extremely beneficial to start your day off with. Now to make this a recipe post and tell you how to make this would make me feel...ridiculous. Clearly it is a warm (not boiling hot) cup of filtered water and a slice of lemon (best to squeeze this slice with a spoon when in the cup to get all the delicious juices). 

Shoot...that became a recipe post. 

A fail on my part but I am going to save myself by now turning this into a benefits post!

The benefits of drinking lemon water are extensive but the main benefits are the following;

-Aids in speeding up your metabolism
-Excellent source of vitamin C
-A great way to flush out your system of toxins (thus also aiding in recovering from being sick) because it contains citric acid
-Clears up the skin, it does this because vitamin C aims in healthy skin and causing it to glow. As well again the citric acid aids in killing bacteria that causes acne
-Lemons can help boost your mood as well as aid in problems with anxiety and depression
-Freshens your best, now that is just a bonus!

So my recommendation?

Start drinking that lemon water in the morning, it is easy and quick to make which means not excuses that you do not have time.

Don't like the taste of lemons?

Suck it up :)


xoxo Nicole

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  1. Hey I have a bottle of lemon water in the freezer waiting for me now! I don't drink mine warm or in the morning, but I do agree that it makes you feel way better. Also when I read "Clears up the sick" for a moment I had this image in my head of a bunch of lemons cleaning up a pile of puke, but then I read on and realised you meant skin and to be honest, that made a LOT more sense!

    Weird that we both posted about healthy-stuff today!

  2. AH thank you! I totally missed that when I was checking it over, fixed it :)
    that is funny that we both posted health stuff on the same day, great minds think alike!


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