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We people are funny creatures especially when it comes to love. From what I have found from just watching the people around me it is easier for us to love others mainly significant others, then it is for us to love ourselves. To me this is so strange, now I am not going to pretend that I have always loved myself. Quite the contrary for a very long time I loathed myself inside and out and thought of myself almost as a waste of space. This mentality has change clearly for the better and it opened my eyes to seeing these situations around me and how people perceive themselves. In general as beings we find it easier to be negative as well as to be quick to anger then to be calm in a situation and be positive. I think this is conditioning that we have received through our schooling, society and just general interactions with strangers on a daily bases. Some general ideas that are thrown out there if you love yourself are;

you are an ego-maniac
self centered
nothing bad every has happened in your life
everything for your is perfect

In fact it seems that if it quite the opposite if you love yourself. People who are all the things I just listed and even more out there are people that you can be sure do not love themselves in a true form. This "love" they have for themselves is a fake love. A self indulgent soother to pump themselves up and portray themselves as this person who has it all together when really on the inside...they are scared, insecure, weak and most likely very much unhappy. Now I do not want to say all people like this feel that way. I do not want to be general about it but this is very much from my own observations and experiences.

People who truly love themselves ooze a certain vibe and energy that effects you as well in a good way. They carry themselves differently, their smile is more real, the words they speak are genuine. There is no mask, no falseness and no trying hard to have people love and approve of them because on the inside they already do. Most times they will not even put it out there, how they love themselves unless someone asks them. They will not just start preaching self love and proclaiming how much they simply "go with the flow" and go on to give unsolicited advice. These are people who are at peace with themselves, love themselves and feel no need to prove that to others. Self love is powerful.

Self love heals you and can even heal the people around you because they can see how far you have come and realize that they can do the same. It can open doors, give you the courage to follow your dreams, the strength to end toxic relationships and the intelligence to make your own choices without the white noise of others opinions. Getting to this point is a journey and a choice. You have to be ready to accept this quest of accepting and loving you for you. It means ending those bad habits like thinking negatively about yourself and the life around you, learning to look in the mirror and love what you see looking back at you and having the will to break out of whatever may be holding you back and allow yourself to follow your dreams, heart and own thoughts.

For me it began with ending many toxic relationships that were surrounding me including friendships that I had for many years and even family members who which chipping away at me bit by bit. It was not easy but after I got over the initial shock of having to do it a weight lifted off my shoulders. Then it was about me. No more chatter from those who did not have my best interest at heart, I could finally just focus on myself, my thoughts, my wants and my own recovery after nearly a lifetime of struggling. I am still working on it and it is a process that I know I will be working on for sometime but it is possible. For anyone. Anyone. I feel I have to make the super clear because when I was told that I mentally told that person to go f*** themselves and that they were crazy (ends up they were not)

Self love is more powerful then loving another being. That as well is a powerful and beautiful thing but just think of how more amazing it would be if you loved yourself and that other person. That would be one damn amazing life to be in. <3

The first step is the hardest but from then on the progress you see will make it all worth it :)


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  1. This is my motto! Nothing wrong with a bit of self esteem! Absolutely love this post x


    1. Thank you Yomi :)
      I totally agree...clearly LOL


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