Dificult Times are Lessons in a Really Ugly Suit


When we go through tough times it is really hard to find the silver lining.
I myself could not find the silver lining in any bad situation till I learned to take a step back.
All the things that hurt me, were hard for me and made me feel like I could not go through the day I can now look back on and go;
"Wow, I am so glad that happened"
To put it simply, it has made me the person I am today.
Now I am extremely private about the things I have been through in life and it is safe to say only two people really know what went on throughout my life. Those two people being my mother and a former close friend. It is not because I am ashamed or embarrassed of what happen in my life, on the contrary it is for two very basic reasons;

1) Because I feel some things should stay private. What happened in my life is in the past so I feel no need to discuss or bring in up in the present. I have moved past those times and now I am on a wonderful fresh start and have worked hard to keep the past in the past where it belongs. Period.

2) Anytime I have shared even a little bit with a person the attitude they would have towards me would change, usually to treating me like a broken little bird. Pardon me sir! I am anything but! I am pretty sure I am far stronger and capable then you due to the things I have been through! A life with no struggle is a life with little growth.

So as you can see for these two reasons I keep it to myself but I am honest that I have been through many things and as I said, I am glad I have been through them. I am thankful to the butthead who broke my heart and dumped me by text before Christmas; he did me a massive favor! Yes the aftermath was hard but the lessons I learned from that are priceless and now my life is going in such a crazy direction that if I saw him I would simply say "Thank you! Thank you A.A for being the massive jerk you are, because now my life is brilliant!
I am thankful for the tough and upsetting childhood, teenage years and young adult years I had. Yes in the moment that those things were happening I was struggling nearly every day to simply get through a day. Now looking back I can see that through those things happening I became the person I am now. All those things were lessons I was meant to learn. Once I realized this and embraced it I found it far easier to move past those things and let them stay where they belong. In the past.
By nature we are quick to complain, say everything happens to us, nothing good happens to us...why me? Why now? Always me! Never them!
Yes it feels like that but the reality is everyone has moments of difficulties. Yes some more than others. some harder than others but the fact is we all go through something and what matters is how we let those things effect us.
Do we let it eat us up from the inside and taint out views on ourselves and world around us?
Or do we let ourselves feel how we feel when it is happening,  then let it go and let it become something that aided in our growth rather than a weed that spreads into our life in all ways?
I think the later is the best option.
Life is full of lessons if we are willing to learn them.
It is all about attitude.
How you take on these issues play a massive role. Do you let it lead to bad habits and addictions?
Or do you let it motivate you to be your best self?
All these questions seem obvious to answer but for many they do choose the self destructive path because it is "easier" or so it seems. It is easier in the moment but detrimental in the long run.
It is easier to just blame the world and life then to take life by the balls and do something with yourself. But easy never leads to long-term benefits.
What is easy to get never lasts, what is hard is hard to get lasts
I am pretty sure I misquote that quote but the point is the same.

Hard times are lessons in a really ugly suit but if you embrace it, let it be and then let it go it can really help you turn it into something beautiful. Use it to drive you, motivate you and inspire you.
For me it helped me realize that I can do all the things I want and only I am stopping myself. If I want to make something happen, I will find a way. Positive attracts positive in all ways. With the things that happened I now have the drive and strength to go forward with my dreams and create a life for myself that I am proud and happy to have, not a life I was condemned to by my own thoughts and the people around me. I decided to take hard times by the balls and make something of it. London is only the beginning.
Learning Japanese is only the start.
I am only twenty-five and I am thrilled about where I will take myself in the future because I was ready and realized that the past shit is making is bright life because I said so.

xoxo Nicole

On a side note I am almost done preparing for London and once I get my Work Visa I will begin blogging about London as well :)

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  1. I'm convinced that one of the people I've learned the most from in life is someone I hope to never see or speak to again. Sometimes, it's the bad experiences that teach us more than those that are good.

    1. I completely agree...I am a variety of relationships that I never want to revisit but they taught me priceless lessons so in the end it was worth it.
      I think bad experiences teach us lasting lessons

    2. For what it's worth, your vlogs are great to watch.

    3. Thank you :3
      That is very nice to hear!

  2. As someone who also had an "A.A." in my life (see: totally unhealthy relationship with an absolute asshole... is that what AA stands for?) I agree - he unwittingly put me on the best path by being such a dick!

    1. Haha that is amazing...I wish that it was it stood for. A.A is his initials but now it is totally going to mean absolute asshole...it seems more fitting :)
      I can't hate him though, he is one of the reasons I changed things around. He was meant to be the asshole he is and because of that...I am living a whole new better life <3
      (I sound like SUCH a hippie haha)

  3. I am with you 100% on this. We are the sum of all of our experiences, good or bad.
    How funny that you are planning a trip to London and I in the opposite direction. XD

    1. very true :)
      Funny how that works out! Where are you heading to?

  4. I'm so happy for you, Nicole. Some people come in our lives for a reason. Sometimes, we need jerks to mess around with us to make us realise how truly amazing we are. You are right.. "Positive attracts positive." So, i'm sending a lot of positive energy from here to you. It'll reach you in a day i guess.

    Best of luck! Cheers!

    1. You know what! Bless the jerks on this planet because they will always be jerks but they can slingshot a person into an amazing life when they realize this!
      That's for the positive energy
      I think it reached me already, got good news so far about my London Visa :3
      Thank you!!


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