Getting Old...My Poor Hip


So over the weekend I celebrated my 25th birthday with some fabulous people, ate some fantastic food and enjoy some great drinks all courtesy of said fabulous people. It was a great day and definitely one of my favorite birthday celebrations ever. Now I am left to reflect on what it means to be a twenty-five year old woman. To start I do not look twenty-five, if I am lucky with make-up on I can get away with twenty-one. Without makeup you could use me to lure perverts on "To Catch a Predator" because to be frank I look like I am barely eighteen which I happen to find incredibly frustrating because my young age look tends to lead to me being asked out by twenty year old boys and gets me strange looks from those late-twenties to early thirty year olds I would like to date. My face will not let me win I tell you, of course this will only benefit me when I am in my fifties and look like I am thirty but right now it is a pain.
Bluntly you cannot tell my age until I open my mouth.
I am just a bundle of confusion for others.
Which can be fun.
But moving on! What else is there? Well I still live with my mother whom I am very close with (so it is not a hard thing to do) I have zero love life which has been self inflicted (Moving to London kind of puts dating on a hold) I am very honest, genuine, care little for dramatics of any kind and last but not least I am doing a total career and city change all at one. Which leads to a country change. Which leads to me either being told;
"That is so awesome you are doing that holy moly wow"
I really prefer the first reaction as compared to the second only because I really am not one to want to sit and explain my choices and decisions (unless of course it is going to affect someone else...which in this case it does not so...)
I think it is pretty clear that I have been going through a transition for some time, nearly two years to be exact. From the age of twenty-three to present I have been "finding myself" and really figuring out what works for me and what does not. When I hit twenty-three I suffered a massive heart-break and a very difficult time of my life in general which led to many things for me. my eyes opening up to who my real friends were, my making a choice to be happy instead of bitter and negative, the promise to myself to actually do the things I have always wanted to do and can proudly say I am now doing even though part of me still doubts myself. I would like to take a metal sledgehammer to that little voice’s face and tell it to shut up or get out. Plainly in the course of those two years I became the real me which took time and a lot of self reflection. This newly twenty-five year old me knows who she is, what she wants, what she does not want, her boundaries in all things and will no longer simply give in my own needs to make others happy.
This twenty-five year old has weeded out the friends who didn't benefit me, used me, hurt me and I never truly felt comfortable with. Now I can honestly say the friends that I do have, the real friends, are amazing, helpful, loving, real, honest and women (plus men) that I can proudly call my friends and am more than happy to be there for them because I know they will be there for me. This real me knows what she wants in a relationship, and I am not talking about the yummy outer shell of a man nope I am talking about the core things I want in a relationship and will not waiver on. Trust, communication and respect, if I can give those things my man can give it too. Twenty-five year old me is honest if you ask me to be and tough as nails in hard situations. Twenty-five year old me is quieter and less boisterous. Twenty-five year old me loves running, yoga, and all things earthy while still rocking a pair of stilettos.
Twenty-five year old me is moving her butt to London like she said she would when she was eight because she promised herself she would after stopping communication with a negative family member.
Twenty-five year old me is finally starting Japanese class tomorrow after wanting to start when she was seventeen.
And brushing up on her once fluent French.
Twenty-five year old me now truly understands the importance of family and how important it is to have them in your life.
Along with so many other what is the conclusion of my reflecting?
Do I feel old? No.
Do I look old? Not even close.
Do I feel more mature? Kind of...I have always felt more mature in many aspects of my life than others.
Do I want to go buy shoes? Always
Am I having a mid-twenties crisis? Give me a couple of weeks.

But right now what I do feel is like I have come full circle and right in time for my mid-twenties adventure. I had those years to work through the rubble and now I am proudly sitting upon my awesome castle of happiness and clarity.

What do I think about turning twenty-five?

I think twenty-five is going to be awesome. Because I want it to be and the right attitude will get you faster than any other attitude.

I am somewhat all over the place in this blog, possibly because I am running off low sleep and possibly because I am still a jumble of "Yay" after my birthday. I hope my thoughts came across somewhat understandable. 
xoxo Nicole

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  1. Happy 25th birthday to you! I'm a little more than halfway between my 25th and 26th birthdays, and I can assure you that nothing terribly exciting has happened for me. That said, perhaps 25 will bring you wonderful experiences.

    1. Thank you for the happy birthday :)
      I don't know...25 is starting to shape into a pretty interesting year all ready!

  2. Happy belated birthday! As someone a year older but not any bit wiser, let me just say that that dress looks gorgeous on you and I'm glad you had a great day!

    1. Oh thank you....shucks being called gorgeous on my favorite dress. such a nice way to start the day :3

  3. Happy Belated. 25 is such a milestone. A turning point. A growth spurt. I loved being 25. I loved it. I started realizing my growth more at 27 (current age) but 25 was surely a turning point in my life. You're so lucky you get to look 20!!! Hahaha

    1. Thank you :)
      I am looking forward to 25 most likely kicking my butt in good ways!
      OH trust me, it is a frustration to look much younger then your age haha I get treated like a teenager by strangers and grown men think I am a raging teen!

  4. Happy belated birthday! Wow, French and Japanese...impressive! Here's to making 25 the best year yet. Cheers!!

    -stopping by from 20SB

    1. Thank you :)
      Yes I am crazy but love it haha

  5. Hope you had a great birthday. Looking forward to reading more! You'll love London.


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