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First off I am going to start this blog off by sharing that I have filmed and posted my first vlog video on Youtube *silent cheers* I would love if you would take a look my blogger friends. I have been all about following through with what I say I will do lately and this was one of those things so I am pretty proud of myself for managing to once again NOT procrastinate and instead do, in good time, what I stated I would do. Patting myself on the back over here... :)

Now onto the actually blogging...

Do you ever have it happen where you work really hard on something? You pour your time, effort, and money into something that took time to make happen, it is something that you are so excited for and making big sacrifices for? Have you put this work in only to have someone say those annoying words;

"You are so lucky"


Whoa did I miss something?

Did this fall into my lap without me realizing it?

"You are so lucky" has to be the most frustrating and overused phrase in today's society. To say this is to totally disregard any work someone has put into something because you, yourself, cannot imagine doing it. Or because it is just easier to make the excuse that this person is just luckier then you so it happened. There are few things on this planet that really crawl under my skin and this phrase is one of those things. Anything I have achieved, any places I have gone to and things I have done have always been because of my own hard work and money.

The best example I have right now is my moving to London. This is a dream I have literally had since I was eight.

When I was eight was the year I first read about mummies and Sherlock Holmes thus creating these two major loves in my life. Yes. I am fascinated by mummies and could easily spend a lifetime studying them...but I digress...when I was eight I learned Sherlock Holmes was from England. Then I learned that the British Museum held a lot of mummies. Two and two together created my London obsession at a young age. This dream has been 16 years in the making. There was no luck in creating this reality for myself.

What it did take was research, time, sacrificing many luxuries and much of my social life, as well as working a position with wonderful people and a great company which also involves working at a desk for eight hours answering calls. Now you do not know me but physically I should not be sitting all day. It causes me a lot of pain in my lower back and right hip because of old sport injuries so I am literally enduring pain to make this dream happen. There is no luck in what is happening here.

I do not believe in luck and never have.

I only believe in effort.

The best example of "luck" can be found in the lives of actors. The person who gets the role is the "lucky one".

I disagree.

All they were was the actor who looked the part, sounded right and just happened to also play the character in a way that appealed to the director/producer/casting agent. No luck. Just right role, right time.

I feel like we use luck as an excuse, a cushion for our own fears. If we leave it to luck it means we do not have to face ourselves and admit that we are too scared to do something. If we took luck out the equation I believe, when faced with reality, we as humans could really start achieving things that we want in our lives!

Leave luck to the cereal brand and let me have the recognition I deserve for my hard work. Do not minimize it with a magical substitute.

On the topic of London though, I will be blogging soon about my journey (quest...mission...any word that suggests epic situations will do) of getting to London as well as how it is when I get there. I will still be blogging extensively about wellness, happiness and dreams but I think actually sharing the realization of my own dream after many years of negativity would be a wonderful way to show how a positive life and mind can really set amazing thing in motion within your own life.

(This will also be appearing in my vlog)


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  1. I wrote a post about a very similar topic today actually. I've linked it below if you'd like to read it. I'll be checking out your vlog post shortly.

    1. I actually read your post earlier today :) I just did not get a chance to comment on it yet!

      Woohoo hope you enjoy it :) it is nothing crazy...yet

    2. Your vlog post is pretty awesome. I subscribed as I'm interested to hear more about how you'll be moving to London.

    3. thank you :)
      prepare to be amazed haha

  2. Yessss! Well done! Already commented on the blog but I also have that phrase "you're so lucky". Well except for two things which I am actually lucky for - my fluency in Spanish (bilingual)and my rack. That's it homies.

  3. As I've been exposed to more perspectives on "luck", I am sort of torn on the subject. I like to think that I have a nice apartment and good job (even though I wish it paid a bit more!) strictly as a result of my hard work and dedication to being the best I can be. However, I see the point that in some situations, I was privileged to be given the opportunity to try my best (i.e. I was able to work hard in school because I didn't have to juggle three part-time jobs in order to pay the bills, so I was able to focus on my grades).

    That being said, there is a difference between privilege and just having everything handed to you, and to assume that someone was "lucky" enough to have things fall into their lap without realizing that they may have worked very hard to get there is annoying for said hard-worker!

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  5. This is fantastic! I've never thought of it this way, but I couldn't agree more! I guess subconsciously, I've always had the same mentality -- when someone gets something I think would be kind of awesome to have, instead of thinking that the person is "lucky," I acknowledge to myself that although I would enjoy having it too, I obviously did not want it as much as they did; otherwise, I would have chased it as hard as they did.

    My parents are political refugee immigrants to the United States, and, to be frank, are fairly wealthy. Nothing gets my blood boiling like when friends of mine who also have immigrant parents tell me that their parents work just as hard, and that my parents' success is a combination of hard work and luck, the luck that their parents missed out on. Absolutely not! Some things work out, and some things don't, but success doesn't depend on these; success has to do with finding the drive to overcome these obstacles, not being "lucky" enough to avoid them. Like you said, things don't just fall into your lap.


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