Why Japanese?


Recently I shared that I have been taking Japanese classes and let me tell you I am really enjoying it. But also it is making me want to pull my hair out at times.
I have updated my blog sharing how the process of learning Japanese is going.

But in my blog I am going to flush out the reasoning about it a bit more. Now I have been on a follow through with what I say I am going to do and make my dreams real kick for the past couple of months. My goal is to make things happen that I have always wanted to do, make those dreams real and share it with others. I want to show that life can be much more then the monotonous drone of society. Since I have shared that I am learning Japanese among my friends, the ones who are know what is going on with my change of attitude are all encouraging and excited for me. Then there are always the people who ask;


Why am I learning Japanese? Why do I want to learn Japanese?
Well the answer isn't just "because I want to" it is a bit more broad then that.
Since I was fourteen I have been fascinated with Japanese culture, where I love London to live, I love Japan to study. I find how different it is from North America to be exciting and interesting. How they interact, their culture and their way of life is something I have always wanted to experience.I love studio Ghilbi and yukatas. I love their films and fashion so when I started getting older I wanted to learn Japanese because I am a strange one and find learning new languages fun. I was decent at it when I was a teenager from watching films and shows in Japanese while getting my daily dose of the BBC. But then life happened and any interests that I had ended up completely on the back burner of life for me. I stopped doing basically all my hobbies, from playing instruments to my drawing I stopped. So naturally my learning Japanese stopped as well for eight years.

Then my attitude change happened and I started to pick things up again and one of the first things on my list was learning Japanese.
It helped when I starting watching videos by Ciaela, Sharla in Japan and Kanadajin3 . These are three Canadian girls who live in parts of Japan and after seeing how brilliant they were in Japanese it gave me a push. As well Antastesia, a vlogger from Paris who speaks English, French and Japanese amazingly well and that gave me a kick in the butt!

So why am I learning Japanese? Because I want to. Because I find it fascinating and I think the language sounds beautiful and musical.
Why do I want to learn Japanese? Because it makes me happy and that is all that matters.

I think the better question would be;

"How is learning Japanese going"

Which you can find out in my vlog post :)

My point in this blog post is;

1) Do what makes you happy, even if it is taking a language class or juggling lessons.
2) Your dreams are yours and there is no reason you need to justify them

If there is something you want to learn or do just go and sign up for a class or course. If you want to be a famous actor sitting at home will not make it happen, you need to get out there and audition. If you want to be a famous writer talking about it won't make it happen, get your writing out there. If you want to master making souffle you need to start making them and get in the practice. If you want to learn a new language you need to out the work at it and take classes, self study and anything else that may help.

If you want to make something happen you need to get out there and do the leg work. Things do not come when you are sitting around thinking about it...they come when you reach for them and chase them.

Because I can here is some adorable Japanese Pastry Art



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  1. "Because I want to" is more than reason enough for me to do almost ANYTHING in life. haha I wish you the best luck with Japanese. I have been thinking about going back to school for something.. but it's just so darn expensive.

    1. Thanks for the luck :3
      It is ridiculous how pricey school can be...I want to go back as well!

      "because i want to" is a good enough reason for me!


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