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 Today I decided to post a vlog about following your dreams, it is a bit long but I would love it if you would take a look! 

Even though my vlog is about following your dreams my actual blog post is going to be about London!

Yes I know in my last post I said I would wait until I get my UK Work Visa but I wanted to jump on it earlier. I will get into detail once I get the paper work but today I wanted to talk about London...and how excited I am. I have posted in the past about following your dreams, limiting negative thoughts and what some of my dreams are but I have never actually said how excited I am for these things to be happening.
I had thought of a variety of ways to go about moving to London, originally I was going to do it through a school I had gone to for Travel and Tourism but I realized this was not a industry I wanted to stay in so I began looking at other options.
One of the options I stumbled across was SWAP Working Holiday and after pondering it for about a month I decided to go for it.
Now SWAP is a organization that assists you with moving to certain part of the world (they have been great by the way) which takes a load off your shoulders let me tell you...
So after signing up for this I have been going through the steps of getting my Visa as well as connecting with other folks who are also going to London.
The closer the date gets the more excited I get.
Needless to say I am also getting very impatient.
I talk about dreams and if this is how it feels to be making one come true I cannot understand why I put it off for so long.
If you have a dream I suggest you also stop putting it off and go for it!
Moving to London is just making me so thrilled about life, and I have not felt like this since I was still in elementary school. I am going to be over using the word excited right now so a warning in advance! It feels like the only word that really sums it all up! Exclamation!
I am excited for all the history you just do not find in North America.
I am excited for the European culture.
I am excited for the different interactions and meeting new people.
I am excited to be taking a new step in life and trying something new.
I am excited for the growth I know I am going to experience.
I am just so F****** excited!
I am even excited for all the packing, the flying, the airports, getting lost in London for the first time trying to get to my hostel and realizing I forgot to pack something I needed. I am excited for it all!

It is true that when you put your mind to something and truly want it. Went you focus all your energy on something you can make it happen. I know today's post is not like my usual ones but for the past few days all I have had on my mind is my move and what a big euphoric step it is going to be once it happens.
I just wanted to share this and maybe give you a gentle kick in the butt to re-visit your own dreams if you have placed them on the back burner for too long.


xoxo Nicole

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  1. I'm happy for you and your excitement! I feel like you haven't mentioned it before (though you could have and I missed it)...but when are you leaving for London?

    1. I am leaving in mid-October :)
      Oh thank you! It is still blowing my mind

    2. I can imagine that it would be. It's definitely a bit live change, but one you've wanted nonetheless. Great vlog post as well.

    3. Good luck! I'm currently in Scotland now and am going to be back in Canada hopefully for January to apply for my work visa as well. I was looking at SWAP and was just thinking of doing the visa application myself but now I'm not sure. :P What are you experiences with them? Did you have to wait long for your visa?

    4. I found them to be pretty helpful, they guide you through the process so I didn't feel lost. I am just waiting to get my Visa right now, I have done all the application work so it is just the waiting game.
      Hence I have not written too much about moving to London yet...want to wait till I 100% have the paperwork but I have not heard of anyone that I have spoken to in SWAP getting rejected.

  2. Are you excited to be moving? I wish I could do the same.
    The weird thing about London now (that I've heard) is that it is a very global city. British culture is slowly easing out. It is a very global minded city and internationals crowd the place. However, I've been before and I'm going again, so I hope you have a fun time moving and exploring. At the very least, you'll have a new adventure to embark on. :)

    Christa x


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