Talk Like A Brit!- Edition #1


I want to start off by saying sorry for my post being later then usual, I have been non-stop busy for the past three weeks but now I have the time!

I have some good news to start off this blog as well!
I finally got my UK Working Visa *happy dance* so now I can confidently blog/vlog about my move to London that is coming up!
In preparation for my journey of moving to London I thought I would prep myself with the slag.
I can tell you right off the bat if they are going to torture me with their slang...they better look out for my overuse of "Eh!"
Which I feel I should flush out as well in another post/vlog.
Yes this does not have much to do with living a positive life but I have said before, not only will this blog be about wellness and positive living...I want it to also show what a change of attitude can do for a person and lead them towards. For me it is leading me towards London and a whole new vocabulary to learn.
Strangely Japanese is feeling easier then this slang.
How many ways can you use one word? seriously, they use "cheers" for everything.
Why do you need so many different slang words for a male's nether area?
I think we have like...two in Canada. One is the medical terminology and the other rhymes with Rick.

I guess this is half the fun of the whole transition from Tim Horton's and the awkward "Sorry Circle" (for those who do not know what this is, it is a Canadian stalemate where one person says sorry then the other returns the sorry with their own sorry and this goes on for the better part of five rounds on average) to Big Ben and Mind the Gap!
So please allow me to share some of my favorites!
(I want to add that I am in no way making fun or discriminating in any way...just more...confused)

Ace - I like this one because of unknown reasons but it basically means something is awesome (which is a word I overuse at times)
Anti-Clockwise- this one is going to mess me means counter-clockwise...ok.
Any Road- way of saying "anyway". Why can't you just say anyway?!
Arse Over Elbow - I know that when someone says this to me my face will contort into some ungodly form of confusion...seems this means "back to front"
Closet - means "cupboard"...does this mean I put my clothes in the cupboard instead of the closet? *crickets*
Knickers - means "pants"...silly me I thought this meant underwear.
Belt Up - means "shut up"...I have no comment.
Arse about Face- in Canada this would be an insult for sure...for the Brits it just means``back to front`` because that makes sense.
Cheeky - I always get called this by any Brit I meet, I had a general idea on what it means but here is an actual definition! Mean you are flippant, have too much lip or are just a smart ass. You have an answer to everything and the last word. Ok..maybe it applies to me just a tiny bit...I am known for being feisty sometimes.
Cheers- used for everything. I have the definition but I am disregarding it and going to stay a blissfully ignorant Canadian.
Cock Up- "You have made a mistake" I would not recommend saying this to a North American...they will definitely take it the wrong way.
Fanny- In Canada it means your butt, but for the Brit it means a lady's front..side...trying to describe it in a classy way here...
Fit- Good looking! Easy Enough!
Give Us a Bell- does not mean a literal bell...just means "call me".
Gormless - Clueless i.e me!
Honking - Throwing up. Lovely.
This one is random, apparently it is a very old term. How`s your Father basically means sex in a wink wink. nudge nudge way.
I'm Easy! - in North America it means your a slut, in Britain it just mean "you don't care".
Pecker - male parts
Willy - see above
Keep Your Pecker Up- means "keep your chin up" not you know...keep your pecker up.
Love Bite - Means "hickies" sounds nicer then our term.
Mug - Gulible
Fruity - means "frisky" as in "in the mood" don't go shouting the word around town!
Off Your Trolley! - You be cray cray!
Row - Argument
Rumpy pumpy - ...sounds like something off of Sesame Street but it means when adults the bedroom.
Shambolic! - chaos to my understanding of it.
Taking the Piss - means "making fun of"
Wanker - I have a friend who absolutely loves this word, I do not know why but she cracks up laughing when you say it. It means someone who is a "Jerk"
Yakking - Me between the ages of 6-12 you could not shut me I was "talking incessantly"

So those are just some of my favorites, I was going to do a vlog post about it but it kept coming out horribly so I figured I would leave that for another time...the internet is bad enough without my sad attempt at a vlog floating around...

The reality is I am actually really looking forward to being extremely confused at times when the locals talk to me. I am going to practice mastering my "confused but still stunning face" which will take many days, many hours, and I am sure many tears.
The countdown to London now stands at 54 days left and I cannot decide if time is speeding up or slowing down, either way I am very excited to be finally making a life-long dream come true and to be sharing it with others. I really hope that they helps, even just one person, realize you can do the things you wish to do.
I have a feeling my first post when I am in London with consist of getting lost.
Did I mention I have never been to London?

This will be fun.
I have a very messed up internal GSP which generally has no problem directing me to food or cute shoes but actual important places, that is a different story.

Till next time!
xoxo Nicole

On a side note, writes block still has not moved out but it has started cleaning up it's mess a bit. There is hope.

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  1. Two others I'd like to add after working with my company's London office.

    1. Many Brits say "lovely" after everything. This replaces "okay" or "yeah" as a conversation filler.
    2. Football is soccer. Don't confuse the two with a Brit, you will be corrected. Refer to the sport played in the Americas as "American/Canadian football" respectively, while Aussie Football can be called either "Aussie Football" or "AFL", depending on if you're talking to and expat or not.

    1. yah my ex who was Irish would do that all the time with the "lovely".
      I actually already call soccer football. I am Polish and that is just how I was raised to say it :P

  2. Very interesting post!!! I feel like I just took a crash course on a new foreign language. Lol


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