The Wall. Hard Work.


I like to think that my writer's wall greatly resembles the wall in "Game of Thrones".
It is tall.
It is cold.
It sucks.
Lately I have been struggling with writing, not because I do not have ideas. In fact I have many.
But because I cannot seem to get what I want to get across written properly (or able to use properly structured grammar). I think the main reason for this is because lately I have been stuck doing most of my blogging at work because well, I have been spending basically all my time here lately with six day work weeks and overtime. I live here. I hope I get evicted soon. Clearly though, work is not an inspiring place to write but the moment I get home and drag myself out for a run, once I am done this I just become a blob.

It is common knowledge that blobs are not good writers.
I would easily write about London, in fact I have a lot of posts up my sleeve but I have not been happy with how they have been turning out so I figure, once my overtime and long weeks end (which is in two weeks thank goodness) I will be able to pump out a few great blog posts that will be worthy of being on the internet.
Not this rambling explanatory mess of a post.
Even now I am sitting at work after having only one day off, up at five am for my seven to three shift and I have a lovely glazed look over my eyes.
I look hot.
If the vacant zombie look is the kind of thing you are into.
(not judging if it is)

((ok I am judging))

I guess what I am trying to say in a round about wait is two things;

1) my writer's wall could beat up your writer's wall
2) Good things take hard work

I just cannot let this post be all about me whinnying. So I am going to chat to you all about hard work because we all love hearing how it pays off right?
See the fact of the matter is as much as I miss sleep and a social life I knew when I made the choice to move to London it was going to be hard work. I knew I would be working a lot more then I would like, putting a lot towards savings + debt payments and being left with little for myself. I knew all of these things. Sure it helps to whine but the fact of the matter is I did this to myself.
I am happy that I am working this hard to make it happen because it is only going to make me appreciate all of it even more. When something is handed to you it is easy to take it lightly but when you work hard for it you appreciate it so much more because you know how much work it took.
I feel a lot of people do not pursue things because it will be hard.
Hard work and sacrifices scare a lot of people.

                                             when you want have to work for it

We live in a world of instant gratification. Anything that does not fall under that title is normally thrown aside. This is a sad thing since back in the day this was not the case at all. Hard work was just a normal thing in life. Effort was expected in you and those around you. But now with so many things available to us with a touch on our smartphones, hard work is slowly being replaced with instant gratification. As well as a clear fear of risks in society.
No one got anywhere by playing by the rules and never taking risks.
Life is about hard work and taking risks to get where you want to be.
I am taking a risk for sure, moving my butt to another country and being completely dependant on myself (which is nothing really new to me haha) and giving up any possible romantic relationships I could have found myself in here and any opportunities that may arise here to move somewhere and do something I have always wanted to do. The thing with me though is that risks have never scared me. They have always just been a norm to me, where some people are shocked by my choice and ask me questions like;

What about your job?

Well what about my job? You can always get another job. It is not the be all end all. I worked hard at this job and which is resulting in my move. If people were not so scared of putting work into making something happen and then actually taking the risk and doing what they would like to do I think we would have a lot more happier people in the world.
Unfortunately this is not the case but it all starts with you and it is your own choice.
When you decide 100% to do something, to make it happen no matter how hard it may be, that is the moment you become that impressive one percent that wants to make the most of your life. Not be scared of life.

There is my shot of positivity for all of your after a cranky introduction.
Enjoy your week lovelies!
Pardon me while I go take a mental nap...

xoxo Nicole

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  1. Writing can be excruciatingly painful/difficult sometimes. It's especially this way when you are tired and only have so much energy to devote to it. It's like your creativity and decision making skills are stunted. I know the feeling. Keep your head up!

  2. Oh wow.

    I just wrote a long comment about how it sucks to try and force writing and creativity, how I can relate to writing during work, blah blah blah. Taking advantage of when you are in the mood vs writing daily like many say is a must... that sort of thing. Now I'm too lazy to re-write it. LOL.

    I was trying to comment under an id and it showed anonymous and then I changed it.... so... thanks for coming by my blog a while ago and I'm sorry I didn't see your comment sooner! I'll be following you. :)

  3. Hi, I've made you this week's Friday Find on my blog. :)

    1. oh wow thank you!

      I read your previous comment as well, I know what it is like to have to re-write comments and just not feeling it haha I always exit comments by accident at work!

  4. You go gurl!

    I love the positivity attitude, and that you've described how hard it is to achieve what you love and how much of effort that's required along the way. I just wrote about how I need to change my life as well (honestly I don't know how), your post however explains it all :)

    p/s: I write during office hours too (oops!), because by the time I go back home, pillows are all that I need :P

  5. Geee.. I don't why my nickname changed, but I guess you know me.. - Rynna from Coffee & The Sky.. Lol funny :p


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