A Tough (But Good) Read - Thoughts on The Fire Starter Sessions


"If it does not light you up, you are not the right person for the job"
excerpt from The Fire Starter Session by Danielle LaPorte

I have been, for a while, struggling to find out what I really want to do with my life. What I truly want to spend doing for the rest of my working life...it is a important decision, all I know for sure is that I want it to be something I enjoy doing. I do not want to work, just to work and torture myself for the next forty years, five days a week and eight hours a day in a job I despise and stresses me out (in a negative way). I want a job that I am proud of having and really brings me fulfillment. I believe this is attainable because I have seen first hand people around me that honestly love their jobs and enjoy the feeling it gives them.
For my whole working life thus far which is about eight years, I have only worked in jobs that have made me frustrated, angry, stressed and just wondering what the hell I am doing. They were jobs that never tapped into skills that I had and used knowledge that I had. They have always been customer service based and as I have stated in a previous post, I absolutely despise customer service. Kudos to those who can do it and even better enjoy it because I personally cannot stand it what-so-ever. 
I ended up expressing these feelings to a co-worker of mine at the time who had her own jewelry business that she was doing on the side, and now does full time. I shared with her how I was struggling in my job and really confused as to what I wanted to truly do with my life in the work sense. She told me she had the same issue and shared with me a book that had helped her. A couple of days later I picked it up, it is called The Fire Starter Sessions, by my home girl Dainelle LaPorte (I say home girl because well...we are both from Vancouver, I do not personally know her but you get the idea) as I was saying she recommended this book to me, I got it and additionally put off reading it for about three months.
One part because I had no time.
The other being I was just nervous to read it.
In the end I sucked it up and yesterday I began reading it. I decided to read two chapters at a time since I had a feeling it would be a tough read and boy was I right. The book itself it written honestly and has good doses of humor in it so that is clearly not the tough part, the tough part is the bluntly stated facts of the world we live in and the questions that are asked. After reading two chapters I hit a question that I could not answer and it really upset me, I had to put the book down and I have decided to give myself a couple of days before I started reading again...what was this question you ask?

What are you passionate about?

A simple enough question right? But for me it was a question that I drew a massive blank to and could only write down I don't know.
I have plenty of hobbies and activities I love. Organizations I believe in. Things that get me ticking but passionate? No.Freaking.Clue.
If you asked me this question even five years ago I know I would have an answer, but now with my mind being a cornucopia of confusing things and working through the mess as I am doing now the answer to that question eludes me. I know I will not have the answer by tomorrow when I read the next two chapters, I know it is something that I will need to find out over time but I think the reason that question got me so upset is because, as I said before, if you had asked me that question five years ago I would have an answer.
I guess it just reminded me that I am still, very much, in the process of getting better and have to give it time.
I cannot jump over myself.
Now do not get me wrong, this book is fantastic, clearly because it got quite a reaction out of me...
I look forward to continuing to read it, hopefully the next two chapters will not bring on a miniature melt down.
I guess this is how the path to finding out what you want out of life and in your work life is...tough...but when something it tough you can learn some pretty amazing lessons from it!

I want to finish off this post sharing some lines from the book that I wrote down because I personally found them so be so on point;

When we are spirit fatigued we tend to make weak decisions. We compromise. How many of us have done that? *raises hand*

Being genuine is the foundation of integrity

The mere act of dreaming is a vitalizing, life affirming endevour  This is one of my favorite lines

You did not sign up for good enough in this life-you signed up for AWESOME.

Passion will always move you in the direction of your authentic self

Some pretty darn good lines eh?

Till next time!
xoxo Nicole

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  1. This is the first time I can recall anyone using cornucopia in a blog post that doesn't talk about Thanksgiving. Well done.

    1. well thank you haha it just happens to be one of my favorite words

  2. Did you board the same roller coaster that I am on?!

    I really hope you find what you want to do in life.

    If it helps, I found that my childhood self was a more authentic "me" more than any other age.

    Thanks for sharing those awesome lines! (Might have to read this book!)

    1. I think I have! crazy running into you here :p

      Oh thank you, I agree with you, I am finding that the authentic me lies in who I was as a child. It is just working your back into that space of mind that is a process.

      I really do recommend this book :)
      Thank you for the lovely comment


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