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So in my last blog post I had shared how I was in a rut for a couple of days and having a rough time. I do feel better now from where I was before and I think that is because I sat back and thought about all the good things coming my way in just a matter of weeks. I will be moving to London and starting off in a new city job hunting and flat hunting. I have amazing friends and hobbies to keep me busy and a wondering mother. I have good things going on and my life is not what it was before, it is not how it was where I would be feeling down all the time and struggling. That is in the past, this is all just healing, there is nothing to dwell on.
So today's post is a two parter.
The first part is just about counting your blessings!
We live in a world that has become a cesspool of whining and entitlement. I hear more whining in a day then good news. It is almost like most people cannot find anything to be happy about because they are so consumed with insecurities or materialistic needs. Yes we do have problems we all are working through and things come up in life but those are not the issues I am talking about. I am talking about the fifteen year old kids whining because the do not have the new Iphone. The toddlers playing with Ipads. The adults competing with each other on who has the best clothes, purses, cars, homes and so many other things.
These are the "problems" I am talking about that I hear so much whinning about.
While people are whining about these trivial things people in other parts of the world are just praying to survive the day. I am literally survive the day. Praying that they will have food, they will not be killed in the streets, that they will find a place to sleep that night. The list goes on.
Who are we to complain when these things are happening in the world?
Yes I know, we all do this, we all have "first world problems" and I would be a hypocrite if I didn't admit that I sometimes whine about silly things but sometimes you do need to sit back and go.
I am very blessed.


Yes I have had struggles but I am alive and not only that I have the steps and the means to work through these issues. I have people who support me and love me. I have income and a roof over my head. I have so many things that others do not. Sometimes it is hard to think how blessed you are because a part of you just really wants to sulk but perspective can really help.
So that is what I did this week.
I counted my blessings and it really did help.
I really recommed it if you ever find yourself having a tough time to just sit back and remind yourself that someone out there truely does have it worse of then you.
It does not minimize your pain. 
But it may help in getting you through the tough times and rough days when they do come up and I can promise you in life they will come up.
It is all about taking on the right attitude and mindset to take it on your hard times and win.

The second part of this blog is actually a vlog update!
Which has nothing to do with this post!
Mostly because I could not bring myself to write just about maple syrup, which is what the vlog post is about. Since I am moving to London in just 26 days I have decided to do a small "Follow Me Around" series about Vancouver! The first post is about our obsession with maple syrup over here in Canada and how you can really see it in our souvenir shops. It is just something fun so feel free to check it out!
There will be more to come over the next couple of weeks.

(I am still trying to figure out how to properly embed it...sorry it is still just a link)


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  1. Hey Nicole.. That's true. We sometimes over exaggerate our problems and there are people out there who have problems that we could barely comprehend. We lack perspective at times. We lack the maturity to have that perspective at times. It feels good to know that you can bounce back from a low by thinking so positively. More power to you, girl!

    1. I wish they would teach classes about perspective in school or something. This day and age really needs a smack in the face with that real problems are, not the fabricated ones we create for ourselves. Thanks for reading :)
      Woot Power! :3


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