Packing for London: A Drama


My move to London is coming up (21 days!) which means the daunting task of packing is approaching and quickly. As a girl this is going to be a royal pain in the butt. It do not own *that* much stuff but since I am expecting to be there for at least six months that means I am going to need to pack a variety of clothes and shoes...along with all those other little things that you need.
Now the first thing I am always told when I say this is...
"The shopping in London is so good, just wait till you get there and shop!"
The reality is...
Shopping will be the last thing on my mind.
So I want to arrive already prepared, not off shopping with my savings.
Instead I will be battling with my luggage, fighting to fit my sweaters, shoes, pants, dresses, tops and all those other pieces that are piling up in my room. But I am hit with the question of...exactly what will I really need to have in London?
I know it is colder there then here in Vancouver, and I am one of those sad folks who are always cold (I have the cold feet of a grandmother...attractive yes?). So layers are my best friend but I have just been wondering if there are any other items that may beneficial to me? I have never been to London (yes I am moving to a city I have never been to...) so I am not too sure what to expect. I have heard people don't wear wellies which works just find for me, I find nothing is more uncomfortable then walking around in a pair of wellies. But as for everything else I am slightly in the dark. I know it rains a lot, no big deal since Vancouver seems like London's long lost cousin when it comes to rain but I have heard it can get pretty damn cold...
I have done some research but you can read all you like but you honestly do not really know how the weather is till you get there. At least that was the case for me with Calgary *shudder* so much damn snow...
Even though it is a daunting task I am excited to start packing, it is making the move a reality and whether I am there for only six months of the whole two years of the working visa I know it will be a great experience. Of course as long as I want it to be, it is important to keep a positive attitude when things get rough because the reality is, when you move to a new city, there will be rough points. Whether it is the culture shock, difficulties making new friends, getting to know the city or even just dealing with homesickness you will have bumps in the road but if you keep a light hearted attitude and take things in stride you can make something work. If not. You can always go home!
That is the beauty of it. You can always go home. You are never stuck somewhere unless you chose to be, there is usually if not always a way out!
So as I am sitting in my room, starring at my pile of clothes and poor luggage that is going to have to haul this mess across the Atlantic I realize that I lied in the beginning of this post...I do in fact have *that* much stuff...

Do any of you have any packing tips? If so I would love to hear them!

I am sure after a couple of week in London I will come back with a post about what to pack...and not to pack...and what to not forget to pack...

xoxo Nicole

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