A Change of Plans- Not the End of the World


Where have I been?! 
It feels like ages since I last posted on my blog...but I guess I have a valid excuse being I have been spending most of my waking hours wandering and exploring London. I have been like a kid at Christmas, after wanting to go to London for sixteen years it is crazy to be here now, seeing the things I have only ever seen in pictures and walking the paths that historical figures I have read about wandered (because I am a history nerd, fun fact of the day). I love London. I just wanted to state that right away. I love the vibe of the city and all the history you can find on every corner. Yes it is busy but you can easily find quiet in the many parks or side streets with little shops and pubs. I find London to be very comfortable to be in which is something I did not expect. So what the following my surprise you.
I am not longer moving to London.
Whoa, whoa say what?!
Yes I am not moving to London...right now. But I will be.
Let me explain. First off I did not get scared or chicken out, which seems to be a person's first reaction when I tell them this. It was not a easy choice to make but I decided to really think about it and funnily enough this happened in Amsterdam while transferring to my next flight, a series of events made me sit and think. Day one of traveling included a variety of craptastic things occurring which put a stopper on plans because these things made myself and my moving partner to sit and think about things. So what was the deciding factor in not moving to London (right now)?
I just do not feel I have enough of it.
I went and studied theatre right out of school and have worked in travel and tourism but I knew landing in London my job qualifications pretty much are right now limited to mostly customer service which is something I really did not want to do in London. When I work in London I want to be able to work a job I enjoy and the Work Visa I have is quite limiting. Before I left I told myself that I would have no problem working a pub job or cafe job, then I realized I was totally kidding myself. I am a terrible waitress and my patience with customer service is limiting. I would not last in that kind of job and that is pretty much what most people on this Work Visa are limited to. That and I just really want to finish school. I am twenty-five and no longer keen on finishing school at thirty-one or something so the deciding factor was mostly school. The plan now is just a little adjusted. Change can be a good thing. Sometimes your original plan does not work out and you need to make a change.
 That is the beauty of life, being flexible and taking things that are given to you
Traveling the UK is better then not doing anything at all and going home. At least now I know I love London as much as I thought I would and now I will see other parts of the UK and see some family in Poland. It is still good, it is still fantastic. People often have a mentality that it is all or nothing. Move or go home. Life is something that likes to throw a curve ball at you from time to time and either you can catch it and roll with it or you can jump away from it screaming like a whimp because it is not what you planned, it is not what you expected. I am happy with my choice.
I am happy with my plan of going to school, getting my Bachelors degree (In three years instead of four fingers crossed!) possibly doing a semester aboard in London in my second year and looking into moving there as a skilled worker once I am finished. Even just for a contract job!
I do want to say for everyone who started reading my blog because of my plans to share my experiences being in London I still plan to! I still had to learn to get around, learn this from that and I still plan to blog and vlog about this. Sure there will be not hints about finding a job and flat but I am sure there are things I can advice that can help when you plan to travel around the UK and Europe when you have time off of work and things about London in general!

Life is a funny thing and sometimes it is better to listen to your heart, head and gut then listen to the fear of people judgements because you changed your plans.
I hope you will still continue reading because I plan to still continue sharing my London experiences on this blog and well as of course positive living.

In Front of the British Museum <3 so much love
In Front of the Tower of London
Me and my travel partner Emily

xoxo Nicola

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  1. I'm glad to hear you're still planning to move there eventually. I'm completely of the mindset that more education is always a good thing, no matter who you are or whether that education is formal or informal. Hopefully you'll find your perfect time to move to London.

    1. There will be a time but it is just not now :) and I am ok with that! I agree, besides I know it would just hang over my head like a cloud the whole time I would be there..a constant whisper saying "school...school...."

  2. I hope you enjoy the rest of your travels :) We will be happy to have you back!
    Have you ever thought of moving to Europe on your Polish passport (EU citizenship) once you are done school? That would give you an open stay and no restrictions : ) (I know a few Polish Canadians who have used this option!) Hope to see you when you're back!

    1. I will!
      I am have actually been trying to get it but the consulate in Vancouver is no help so I am going to do it when I am in Poland, I will be there in a little over a week.
      Definitely see you when I am back! :D

  3. How did you find a travel partner. I've been dreaming of traveling through the uk and possibly moving there my entire life and never made the jump. I don't know what's been stopping me I think it used to be money but now it's because i'm concerned for safety travelling alone. If I had a partner I'd jump at the chance with no hesistation. How did you find yours?

    1. I found my travel partner through SWAP Working Holidays...we were suppose to move in together in London but as you read we ended up traveling instead so unfortunately that would not be any help for you. I personally only travel alone because I am a very independent traveler...and I prefer to do my own thing rather then have to plan something with someone but Emily has been great :) When it comes to safety honestly all you need is common sense and not go down any dark alleys or put yourself in situations when you gut is telling you not to.


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