Be Good to Yourself- Brought to You by October


I was to start off this post with two things.
1) London is official 16 days away...don't know if I should loose my mind or do a happy dance
2) It is October!!!

I do not know what it is about autumn but it is a season that gets my butt in gear and keeps me in a consistently good mood. So hello October! You find looking season you...
Today's post is going to coincide with the seasons, it is about change but mostly a change with you not just with the leaves hitting you in the face as you walk. Which I love (I am actually serious here). I feel like we can learn a lot from seasons, not just because I am a total tree hugger but because it proves one thing clearly, that change can be a beautiful thing. One thing I feel many of us could really benefit in changing is how we treat ourselves. Now I have already touched on this in my post about how we suck at loving ourselves which can be found here :

But my post this time is more about how to be good to ourselves, not just love ourselves. There is a difference though it is hard to see. To be good to yourself is to teach yourself that you are a human being, a flawed magical being who is capable of making a massive mess of life and still be able to find a way to fix it, even if it does not see it in itself. To treat yourself like you are human seems to be a issue. So many of us are striving for perfection to in the eyes of others, or we as placing backbreaking pressure on ourselves to succeed whether it is in our own eyes or in the eyes of others. We are not letting ourselves have moments of failure and moving on from them.
Instead we are dwelling on them and letting them eat us from the inside.
When we have moments of sadness we label it as weakness. Tears make us weak. At least that is how it is being viewed and I would like to personally berate whoever came up with that idea.
Humans fail. 
Humans cry.
They also laugh, cheer, yell, feel anger, feel joy, humans feel and we are trying to keep ourselves from feeling.
The fastest way to be good to yourself is to let yourself feel. I personally have a problem with this only because for many years I was forced to keep my feelings inside till they would boil over and let me tell you it was not pretty when they did boil over, vaguely resembles the apocalypse. If I had only let myself feel instead of pushing it deeper and deeper inside myself it most likely would not have exploded in the ways that it would.
If you are angry.
If you are sad
If you are happy for god's sakes be happy! 
Be what you are feeling, let it happen, and if it is negative then let it go after letting yourself feel it. Do not let it take over. Let it have it's moment but do not let it rule.
Be good to yourself and your heart. Do not put unrealistic pressures on yourself that not even written characters in films and movies could hope to achieve. We are all flawed but that is where you can find beauty and strength. Be like a season and let those emotions happen and let them change you in a positive way. It sounds obvious. It even sounds easy.
But I know so many people that cannot even begin to explain how they feel because they do not know how to. We really do suck as people in expresses our emotions correctly or even at feeling them and knowing how to let it go once you have felt it. 
In case I have no said it enough times in this post, I will say it one more time.
Be good to yourself.

Nicola xoxo

~~~on a side personal note, writing has occurred! my writers block as decided to pay rent this week

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  1. Well put when it comes to emotions. We could all learn from this. Letting go and understanding your emotions, all while actually allowing yourself to FEEL is one of the first steps to being truly happy. "If you are happy for god's sakes be happy!"<- quote of the day right there, lol!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it :) How can you be happy if you do not let yourself FEEL that emotion? we live in a crazy world that is for sure!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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