It's Just a Cold from Hell in Edinburgh- Making the Most of a "Bad" Situation


First off I want to start off this post by saying;

Happy Halloween from Edinburgh Scotland!

Sick in Scotland- Good Times!
And now onto the real post. Right now as I stated I am in Scotland and while I was in London I was presented with a gift in the form of a disgusting, repulsive, non-stop cold that is leaving me looking like a creature from the swamp (whoo cheap Halloween costume!). Needless to say this Halloween will be a indoors event for me, most likely sitting on my computer watching Halloween movies instead of going out and enjoying the nightlife of this holiday in Edinburgh. Is it ideal? Of course not but it is all about how you look at it.
Maybe it is the cold medicine talking but for the past few days I have been slowing trudging downhill with this cold while on my trip. I had planned to film my first London vlog but alas my face would only deter viewers I am sure as well sleep has become more of a art form them a normalcy for me the past few days.
It sucks but I decided to take on a certain view on this...rather then letting it totally ruin my trip I have taken on the mindset of, well I am in the United Kingdom, yes I am sick but I might as well make the best of it! Many people, when sick while traveling or in general, just upset themselves with this fact, telling themselves they cannot do this or that because of it. Yes it is a bump but not a cliff side. You can still do things, limited, but not restricted completely. I believe in taking a poopy situation and doing your best to make it work in your favor. Besides today where I am redistricted due to how bad my condition got over night and will only perhaps be able to go to the Edinburgh Dungeons in my own form of Halloween celebrations (which is totally fine with looks amazing!) I tried for the past few days to not let it limit me. While sick I went to the Tower of London and took my time going through the castle, sniffling and coughing but I still really enjoyed myself because I was in London. I also went and saw an amazing theatre production called "The Woman in Black" at the Fortune Theatre which honestly scared the pants off of my. Yes my throat felt like a saw was running through it but I still enjoyed myself so much because I was there, watching a theatre production in London, a dream of mine. 
Here in Scotland I haven't really had a chance to do too much but I did explore the city with my friend Emily and tried my best to put how I felt in the back of my mind and focus on the fact that I am in a beautiful, historical and a a tad creepy city. 
I still plan on seeing the Edinburgh Castle on my list which in on my list along with Mary King's Close and perhaps climb the Scot's Monument but there is also the reality for me that if I do not get better I may need to leave right after Scotland and go to Poland to family so I can get better. 
Which would mean cancelling my plans of going to York and Paris as well as having to leave my friend Emily early which is not something I feel great about possibly having to do.
It is a downside, but not a total loss.
The point I am trying to make in this post is perspective.
Taking on a certain perspective in a situation that in itself is frustrating. Taking on the mindset that you can, and will, make the best of the situation at hand no matter how much it angers you from time to time. Yes I have had moments where I am so irritated with my state at the moment and the fact that my medication is making me a little loopy but I have to take on the right state of mind because I know if I do not I will regret it.
I am no longer moving to London as I stated in a previous post and most likely will not be back here for at least a year and a half so the smart and logical thing to do is enjoy all this while I can. Even if I do have to adjust my travel plans, the trick is to live in the moment and not focus on the bad and hindering parts of the trips and travels but the focus on the good things happening, and this applies to more then just when you are traveling to applies to life in general.
When we focus on the bad it completely takes over your being and that is all you can see and think about.
You miss the good things.
Or you simply ignore the good things because all you want to do at that point is focus on the bad.
This is something that many if not most people do and sadly it is not something the benefits you and the people around you.
In life you are going to be handed moments where you need to make a choice, am I going to let it total ruin everything I am doing at this moment, put all my energy into thinking about it and overall take on a completely negative and selfish mindset...
You can make the choice of "when life hands you lemons go steal some sugar and make some lemonade" and do what you can to make the best of the situation. Yes you may need to whine a bit from time to time, yes it is not easy, but it is the better choice because then you will see the good moments and have a chance to actually enjoy them and not let them pass you by.
 Life is short.
It is best not to live it dwelling in a pool of your own lost exceptions.
Live life and do not let it pass you by because of a bump on the road.
I used to be someone who always dwelled on the bad things and let them take over my being to the point where I do not even know how anyone was able to put up with me. Sometimes I could be the biggest party pooper and looking back now I would have been sick of myself within a few moments. I know better now and I am happier because of it.
XOXO Nicola

Here are some pictures from Scotland so far and please excuse any minor spelling and grammar issues...currently one eye is medicated :) 

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  1. I feel as though I've seen the place in your second Scotland picture, though I can't place what it is. Where is that?


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