The Big Day...Tomorrow!


Moving to London vlog post!

Today I am in a weird mood between incredibly anxious and nervous as well as very laid back and nostalgic. I am assuming this is because, tomorrow, after talking about it for sixteen years I am moving to London for a undetermined period of time. Tomorrow I will be saying goodbye (for now) for my beautiful and ever supportive mom, my lovable and calming puppy Bilbo, and my amazing friends who have been nothing but supportive of me and ready to help me when needed. I will be boarding a plane (I would sail if it didn't take ages because I hate flying) and making my way to the UK. This has been a long time coming and I thought that when the day would come, or day before for that matter like today, I would be chill and cool. I did not expect to be so nervous or sad. I really did not expect to be sad.
I have never been good with goodbyes, even for short periods of times, I know it is not forever and I will see all these people, and pup, again but I guess because I really care and love these people...and hits me very hard. I am just trying to remind myself that as my good friend Leanna said "this is not goodbye" and she is very right. I am off on a new adventure and making something happen that I have always wanted to do. I am not saying goodbye to the people I love forever it is just for a period of time and I think if I keep this mindset I will be o.k
Actually I know if I keep this mindset I will be o.k
I have already proven to myself that I can make the things I want happen so I guess I should be able to convince myself that everyone is just a Skype call away or a text away.
I will work on that while on the flight to London...Gods knows I will have plenty of time to do that!
Fingers crossed they have decent movies playing on the flight!

As I stated in the start of this post I have also been nostalgic, in the past couple of weeks I have been hanging out a lot with my friends, going places and just hanging out and it made me see just how wonderful the people I have around me now are. They are top-notch folks and I am lucky to have them. It just made me think about how I met these friends and the things I have been through. One thing I wanted to do for sure before leaving was go to the Aquarium and the seawall in Vancouver. Two of my favorite places (though I am really on the fence about aquariums but that is a post for another time). So I wanted to share some photos from this like wandering as I end this post because I do need to get back to getting ready to go, finish packing, hug my bed (yes my bed, I am going to miss this memory foam mattress from heaven) and everything else around me.
Moving is exciting.
Makes me need to pee.
Moving to London is blowing my mind.
I will be sure to share my experiences there when I first arrive, and the first week I know is going to be extremly busy with flat hunting, job hunting and all the appointments I have to go to. Who needs sleep right?
Totally overrated!

It's going to be awesome.

On that note, here are some photos from the Vancouver Aquarium and Seawall courtesy of my photographer friend Leanna, you can view her photography page here;

I love penguins :)

Nature + Metropolis = Vancouver

Seawall in the fall

Jack, the rescued porpoise

We hung out of awhile, I feel a strong connection to marine life

Yoga on the water, totally normal here

Leanna and myself, my talented photographer best friend
  Once I arrive in London I plan to blog and vlog about my experience there! Keep an eye out!

xoxo Nicola

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  1. Best of luck with your move! You never know, we may bump into each other some time. :P
    I really hope everything goes smoothly for you and that London is everything you want it to be. Have fun!

  2. I can't wait to hear more about London. I only DREAM Of living abroad. Stay safe!!!


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