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Yesterday morning I woke up to a slew of emails regarding London. Appointment dates for the bank, my SWAP meeting times and a few others. It was a nice way to wake up for sure, a nice reminder that soon I will be making something happen for myself. Which led my to look up and see my vision board that I have directly in front of my bed so I would wake up and see it every morning. I made this vision board in January, after I moved back from Calgary after a disastrous four months of living there. When I moved back I felt lost, stressed and like I had not achieved any of the things I had wanted to do in my life. I knew the reason that I didn't make these things happen for myself was because I felt directionless, I wanted to make it all happen at the same time. I knew this was impossible so instead I decided to sit down and cut pictures out of my Woman's Health and Cosmopolitan magazines to create a vision board for myself.

I really reflected on the things I wanted to make happen for myself in 2013, the things that I knew were really important to me. I cut out pictures of London (clearly), and of healthy lifestyles revolving around yoga and running since I used to be a avid runner and wanted to get back into that. I cut out inspirational words and encouraging phrases as well as pictures of Australia and New Zealand. I added to my vision board a single photo of a couple because it was a given, being a single girl, I would want love in my life. Add a puppy to the vision board and a few additions here and there I had my vision board.

Ta Da!
Clearly though I could not achieve all these things at one time, but I knew if I could just make even one of these things happen on my board I would feel like I have taken on the world and won. Without meaning to I ended up focusing on London, it just felt right so I honed in on that and put all my time and energy into making it happen. Now it is happening. I made it happen. I had it on my vision board because it was important and now I have achieved well as I achieved working toward living healthily, I am back to being a avid runner and a pretty decent doer of yoga. As well...I have a puppy. It sounds strange but that vision board really helped me figure out exactly the things that i wanted in my life at the time that I had made it and now some pretty cool things are happening in my life that are glued onto that pink poster paper starring at my from the foot of my bed.
I love the idea of a vision board.
I encourage anyone to make it...I used to be someone who would scoff at something like this but now I know better. The UK work visa on my table, the puppy in my lap and the yoga mat on my floor with muddy runners beside it proves it. Sure the vision board did not make it happen, I did, but it helped weed out the white noise and put down what I really wanted.
Sure New Zealand and Australia have not happened...yet...there is always 2014.
Sure I have not found love but 2013 is not over yet!

How do you make a vision board?
Well it is very easy, there is no template or rules. You just get a poster board and get to work, you can draw images or cut them out of magazines. Use whatever images relate to what you are wanting to accomplish in this year or even just in the next few months. You can use it to give you motivation for something you already working towards, like getting into a specific school, job or just a activity you are passionate about. There are no rules, just let your creative and real side come out and attack that poster board with your kindergarten glue stick!

Life is not about leaps and bounds, it is about steps, not matter how small or how few or even how many.

Make life happen, not just sit back and think about making it happen.
I used to be exceptionally good at doing this, sitting back and thinking about a life so amazing where I did all the things I wanted, went to places I had only dreamed of seeing and making the life that I my head...rather then going out and actually doing it. If anyone else can do it, why not you?!

xoxo Nicola

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  1. You're 100% correct that small steps make anything possible. Whenever I work with psychology thesis students or career coaching clients, I also start us with vision and THEN figure out the steps to get there. Ta da - the "big goals" suddenly become doable, indeed.

  2. First of all, congratulations! Well done on making your dreams come true for you- it's hard work and it's really important to recognise it when it's on its way to happening!

    Second, it's been years since I've made a vision board- and just about never with any level of seriousness- but now that I am older and feeling more unmoored than I have in years, it might be time to sit down and figure out what I want from my life.


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