A Thank You & A Travel Thought


First off with this post I just wanted to say thank you.
Thank you to everyone who has read, subscribed, followed, commented and of course encouraged my writing and blogging. It is so important to say thank you to those who have and are supportive in some way and all those things support this blog and my own drive to continue with it.
So again thank you.

Thank you!
Now onto the post.  I was planning on sharing my experiences so far with traveling but then I realized that it really does not have too much to do with living positively and a happy life. Then again after thinking some more I realized again that I am wrong (seems I have some issues really communicating with myself lately) and that in fact traveling does equal happiness, at least it does for me so I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings on the benefits of traveling. With this recent unexpected trip I ended up actually having a travel partner this time, normally I am pretty much a solo traveler which I blame my very independent side to since I personally do not like waiting for the other person to make a choice on what they want to do or sacrifice something I want to do because they do not want to. Luckily for me my travel partner was all for having solo time while traveling which worked out well.Though I am not going to only focus on this trip but the others I have taken and the things I have come to realize about traveling and how it can shape your character...if you are willing.

First off, the one thing I have learned about traveling is that...I will never be done traveling. Once you start you cannot stop, it is liking getting a tattoo, one is just not enough anymore and the list gets longer and longer after each one you get. As exhausting and frustrating it can be at times I will never get tired of seeing new sites, learning new things and opening up my mind to new ideas and cultural differences. I truly believe that traveling builds character when you go to see the sites, talk to the locals and really try to get to know the area. When you travel it opens your mind to more then just what you see back home. You start perhaps getting a different view or attitude on things, life may become less black and white as you see the world is not exactly like home. Rarely is a place similar to your own country. As I just stated it builds character and changes you into a person with a better view on things, a more educated view on things.

Next off is that traveling can push you into a situation that forces you to take control and be independent. As I said earlier I generally travel solo which I think is something everyone should do at least once because it forces you to depend on yourself and trust yourself. There is no friend to lean on and expect to get everything done for you, instead you are in charge of booking, changing, paying and everything else that comes along with traveling. You can your own boss and it forces you to your use head in situations and really stand on your own two feet.

Staircase in my York Hostel: Ace Hostel...beautiful
Another thing that traveling can do for you if you let it is force you out of your comfort zone. A great example of this is the use of a hostel.  Many people have not used them and do not use them for reasons such as they want privacy and it freaks them out. I get where they are coming from but to me if you want a couple of nights in a hotel from a break from a hostel that is a great but to totally disregard hostels is to not really give it a chance. It is about finding the silverlining and I think the greatest thing a hostel can offer you is friendship. I have personally met so many people through hostels, many of which I am still friends with and because of hostels I ended up going places and seeing things that I didn't think I would. A hotel limits you, there is no communal kitchen, living space or bar, just your room. If you can get past the sharing a room and bathroom parts (which are honestly not that big of a deal) and look at the pluses like new friends, experiences, saving money and proving to yourself you can actually spend time in a hostel and do not have to be in a hotel in order to travel. For a lot of people this is a hard thing to do but I think the minute you can suck it up is the minute it can open up new things for you. This goes for all things that make you shake in your boots or uncomfortable like taking the local train or trying the local foods. One of the best things you can do for yourself is not baby yourself, suck things up and really give things and yourself a chance to do more then you thought...whoa that was a long one!

My general point is that traveling is good for you. It is good for your character, your heart, your mind and your soul. It can help shape you into a person that you never thought could be inside of you or help improve aspects and fears that you have. I do not think I will even stop traveling and wanting to travel, I already have another trip in mind and fingers crossed that I can make it happen. I may not have moved to London in the end but through this trip I have found many silverlinings and good things. I will still one day find myself in London but right now was not and is not the time. I believe right now is the time for me to develop in many ways and see things I have always wanted to see. It does not take a lucky person to travel, just a person who is wanting, willing and ready to work to make it happen and when it does I cannot imagine someone regretting it.

Clifford Tower - York , England
Cats of York- Little works of art on several of the buildings
Stonehenge...what a beauty

xoxo Nicola

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  1. No thank you! Great share on comfort zones! Out of curiosity, how is your travel diet going? Any tips?

    1. :)
      Oh wow well to be honest my travel diet has been all over the place. I have tried really had to stay eating clean and have succeeded in some aspects but I have to be honest I have eaten more crisps (fries) then ever in my life. My best advice is to at least stay hydrated at all times and be sure to eat as much veggies/fruit as possible. It is easy to forget how to eat when on a trip because everything looks for good but it is not worth the pain/weight gain/stomach issues when you get home.

    2. Thank you for the clarification on the crisps (seriously :P ). Sounds like you have been infected by the incurable travel bug.

  2. Yes, travelling is definitely good for the soul, the heart, the mind and I'd even say the body!
    I'm happy to see you're having such a great time !:)) And of course, when you're in Paris if you need a guide I'd be more than happy to show you around ! :))

    1. That would be great :3 thank you for the offer! I was supposed to go to Paris a couple days ago but got sick so I have to go home a little earlier then planned :( but I hope to be back in Europe in a year or so...and Japan in the spring :p


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