Happiness is a Choice


The world we live in is going through a serious pandemic.
The symptoms?
Whining, irritated ticks, moodiness, general lack of drive, laziness, entitlement and a variety of other symptoms caused by waiting for happiness. This pandemic is sweeping the world mostly dwelling within North America where young people and even grown adults are waiting for happiness to come to them instead of going out and creating their own happiness. The cure is simple. There is no prescirption needed and no theraphy appointments twice a week, the cure is to simply realize that happiness will not come and find you, you have to choose to be happy and find it within yourself and your life. For many people this seems to be harder for them then sitting through a root cannal without any anesthic. Coming from a person who used to have this attitude I can tell you from my own experience and own point of view that being happy is really not as hard as it sounds.


The key thing it is sounds hard.
Especially if you are someone who is going through depression or any other mental illness. Being happy can seem like the most difficult thing to do on the planet but the reality is...it really is not. It takes work, dedication and learning to love yourself and in the end it is very much attainable if you are willing to dedicate yourself and truly want happiness in your life. This is simply my opinion from my own personal experience on the matter.
For people who are not going through any sort of mental illness finding happiness should be a snap, all it involves is leaving your ego at the door.
We live in a very entitled world where people can build a persona for themselves through various types of social networks and then of course use those networks to whine about how they are not happy because of this miniscule thing or that materialistic thing. They are not happy because they cannot get the job they want right out of college because they assumed they would hit 60+ grand because they are them and they deserve it. They cannot be happy because they are not tall enough, cannot be happy because they are too tall. Cannot be happy because they do not have this phone or worse because that person has the phone they want. People are choosing to be unhappy because of things that boggle my mind and the key thing is that whatever the reason is people are choosing to not be happy.
We are living in a world where it is easier and almost even acceptable to be negative and whine about things that can be easily changed but adjusting your attitude or taking on a new persepective. I have realized after changing my own attitude the things that you can achieve when you choose to be happy, when you decide to let little things go, work through big things, release your ego and strive for a life that you want and not just wait for that life of happiness to come to you.

Happiness is a choice.

I almost feel like I cannot repeat this enough times because whenever I say this to people who are not in the same mindset of myself I sometimes even get this answer;

"Well I am choosing to not be happy today/week/month/year/lifetime"

I usually do not even bother responding because the reality is this in no way benefits you. You will not feel better by doing this instead chances are that you will simply just dig yourself deeper into your pit of unhappiness and make it even harder for yourself to climb out. Choose to be happy everyday. This does not mean do not even feel sad, stressed, anger or other strong emotions This means feel them, sit with them for a bit and then let them go. No emotion such are those will aid you in true happiness.

You are in charge of your own happiness, not the things you own, the friends you keep, the job you have or that new car you drive. Happiness is in your mind, heart and soul not the blazer you wear on your back. The moment you let things outside of yourself control your happiness is the moment you start letting happiness slip through your fingers though I feel I need to elaborate that this does not mean things cannot make you happy. For examply traveling, museums, music, nature and history are things that make me happy but they do not decide my happiness.
Do you see the difference?

The point I am making in this post is that you choose to be happy. Period. There is not if, and's or buts. I feel the moment people realize this and put it into action is the moment they can truly feel alive.

Till next time!

xoxo Nicola

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  1. Hey you miss happy lady!

    I see you are still on the same crazy but not so crazy train as me.

    I too had this run in with college graduates, arghh frustrating! Believing they are entitled to a Job straight out of College oh and not to mention the self entitlement of having a degree. (obviously not all grads)

    But everything is so instant noodles these days. Being promised results with minimal effort becomes a mind set and you know what happens when reality crosses irrational beliefs.

    I agree with you - you just decide you are going to be happy, if you can't then you need to decide to change your perspective first.

    I started a new blog! photoniclife.blogspot.com.au I do expect a comment :D



    1. I like the "very instant noodles" line haha very well put!

      I will definatly check out your blog :)

  2. I strongly disagree with the premise of your post...but not for the reasons that may be obvious. I honestly don't believe that happiness is completely a choice. While there are times in life where we may choose to be happy, there are individuals who suffer from clinical conditions like depression who would love to choose to be happy, however they're incapable of doing so completely on their own.

    Likewise, I've found that the best form of happiness -- a happiness in its purest form -- is often the happiness that I don't choose to make. Rather, this happiness just happens unexpectedly, and not through my choosing at all.

    1. In my post I touched on depression and mental illness and stated that it is different from the rest of the post...please re-read that portion if you need clarification.

      "Especially if you are someone who is going through depression or any other mental illness. Being happy can seem like the most difficult thing to do on the planet but the reality is...it really is not. It takes work, dedication and learning to love yourself but in the end it is not that hard to attain"

      As someone who has struggled with depression and mental illness I have shared my views and opinion on it (as I also stated on my post this is just my point of view from personal experience) I say it is "not hard" in the sense that it is attainable through changes which take a lot of work and sometimes many years including the ending of relationships, mental work, perhaps seeking help and taking steps.
      I did not want to focus on mental illness in this post because I am not licensed in any way other then my own experience. So I more focused on those without.

      I did not really say make happiness...I said choose happiness. Those are two different mediums :)

      Thank you for the comment :)

    2. Though thank you for your comment, I was able to adjust what I wrote so it is more clear :)

    3. I certainly apologize if my comment came off as accusatory toward you in saying what I did about those with depression. Not my intent in the slightest. That said, I certainly appreciate your thoughtful and insightful response.

    4. Not a problem, I appreciate the feed back! It allowed me to adjust what I had written, when editing I did not notice how it came off. I appreciate the apology, do not worry about it :) I was not offended or anything or the sort

  3. I too suffered from the illness for quite some time. - "I did not really say make happiness...I said choose happiness. Those are two different mediums" This is really good and I can absolutely relate.

    I believe it is hard work to get there, it takes focus and guts. But you either grow comfortable in the rut or choose to fight your way out, there is no middle ground.

    1. I think the worst habit people have is growing comfortable in the rut as you put it...again you are right it does take guts (and it is scary) when you finally decide to make a change and work for it.

      I am glad you can relate :) in the sense that you get where I am coming from with this post

  4. Yeah it is totally scary! It's also liberating :D Did you have that moment where something clicked and then everything changed?

    1. I definatly had a moment where I was just sick of how I was feeling all the time (with depression & anxiety) it happened when I was at a all time low and decided in that moment to change things...it has been a process and involved some hard choices but I am very happy for it :)

  5. Happiness is a life style, an attitude.

  6. I couldn't agree with you more! I chose a while back to be happy, and my life has gotten SO MUCH BETTER! I refused to keep people in my life who were just bringing me down, and I would never let those people back in now. I also find it so much harder to be around negative people because life is just so much better when you let yourself be happy. The world would be a better place if people choose happiness!

    Meredith @ www.morethanyesterday.ca


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