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I seem to have made a horrible habit of falling off the face of the planet when it comes to my blog lately. The same excuses apply like I had posted on my last post. Job hunting since I just got laid off, rushing to finish my university application since I am going back to school and the age of 26 (well I am 25 now but I will be 26 when my butt is back in the classroom) and all this stress has lead me to be unable to post honestly about living positively.

I will be real with you...when I am in a state of stress, frustration and struggling to keep my glass half full attitude the last thing I want to do is sit down at my computer and preach about living positively when I, at that moment, am struggling to do so myself. I want to be honest with what I post, not just post to post.
I had promised to post at least every Tuesday and start doing my Youtube videos more often but sometimes the time when you mean to do so is not the right time.I have had a lot on my mind that I have had to work through and before posting anything about limiting negative thinking, chasing your dreams or things similar I wanted to at least get a grasp of what was going through my mind.

Like I said, in my posts I want to be honest and real...

I am not here to blog just for the sake to simply get as many views as possible, I blog because I want to share my experiences, share my thoughts and maybe even help someone. Even if it is just one person and I do not want to post something filled with positive vibes when I am sitting at the computer screen frowning, stressing and forcing myself to write these things.

I am hoping though that come this Tuesday I will have something to post!

I am only human and even positive people have times where they need to step back and remind themselves of the steps they took to get to where they are!

I hope you will continue to tune into my blog (and Youtube whenever I get a chance to get to it sigh) and I appreicate everyone who reads or share my blog :)

xoxo Nicola

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  1. Nicola,
    Bravo for getting back and finishing at the university! I love your open flowing style. Keep at it with the blogging! What a great record for you and inspiration for others!
    Karen Hoyt


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