The Happiness Struggle: Social Media & Envy


The last post I shared with you all was in regards as to why I have been lax with the activity on my blog lately. I shared that I wanted this blog to be real and to give advice on being positive while being in a frustrating position myself did not feel right to me. I did have a few people suggest sharing my process on how I got over and through the frustrating times which is something I think I will roll with in a future post. My post today on Tralala Tuesday is going to be about this struggle that exists when it comes to the concept of happiness and obtaining it.

hap·pi·ness [hap-ee-nis]
1. the quality or state of being happy.
2. good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.
So a direct definition of the word happiness is pretty straight forward, it is a state of being in a peaceful and joyful mindset. At least that is how I perceive the why is something so simple being labeled as one of the hardest things to obtain on the planet (or so I hear many people say and myself in the past). I have said this in past posts before about it having the right attitude and I am sticking by that but what else is keeping people from being happy? From what I gather it is for more then one reason and one of the most common reasons I find is when people throw themselves into a cesspool of envy.
These days it is very easy to bring yourself down by viewing the lives of others that seem perfect. With Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram (Rich Kids of Instagram anyone?) and other forms of social media it has become very easy to find people to compare our lives to, people who's lives seem perfect and are doing the things we always wanted to do. Instead of working towards things, people these days sit on their social media, commenting, liking, disliking and digging themselves into a hole of self pitying...and envy. Suddenly our own lives are nothing and dull compared to this actor's or this model's jet setting lifestyle. We are no where near as cool or interesting as this Tumblr girl or that guy on Instagram. We Facebook "stalk" people who seem to have an on going and amazing social life while ripping apart our own.
It is the sicking state of comparing our lives to others that I have observed to be a massive doorstop on the way to being happy.
A key thing that many people have yet to clue into is that just because someone's life seems perfect...does not mean it is.
It is very easy these days to create a persona, a life, through social media that fits the idea of what we can and convince others that is who we are. 
So suddenly happiness is impossible because we do not travel, own as much, are as famous or famous at all like this or that person but the thing people are forgetting or even not realizing that we have the power to make our lives into what we want and create a happiness for ourselves. If there is something you want to do or be you need to work for it. Happiness is not going to be found skimming through the lives of others and comparing your own to theirs.
Happiness is going to be found in accepting yourself and realizing that you are fulling capable of creating the life that you envy of others. Envy is a ugly state to be in. It is nasty, vindictive and cruel. No one who is envious will truly be happy. So between have a bad attitude and being jealous you are going to make life very hard for yourself. No one is doing it to you, but you.
The reality is happiness is a right we all have.
But happiness is not going to be handed to us on a silver platter.
Happiness is something you need to create for yourself even just through simple things.
It is not going to be found in purchasing an expensive item or car. Happiness is not social status or fame.
Happiness is your being content and at peace in your own life...and that is not easy but it is worth the struggle.
I would have rather struggled at the years that I did to get to where I am now, then settled into the negative life I was living, whining and loathing. Being happy is a struggle but all things worth anything usually come with a some kind of struggle.

Everyone is meant to be happy...people just need to realize that happiness is not just for a special few people. Those people simple chose to be happy.
My advice for people living in a world of jealously through social media is very simple. Now I do not have any degree or certification that makes me an expect but common sense tells me to advise you to just...get off your social media. Limit your usage. Many people are a slave to their phones and computers. Catch yourself. It is not rocket science but coming from someone who has had that problem it does work.
If you would like to read my post about having the right attitude being a step towards happiness you can find it here;

xoxo Nicola

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