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Man the last 48 hours have be crazy! After a stressful few weeks things finally came together and I just felt the need to share right off the bat that when you work hard for things in the end it finds a way of working itself out!

Now onto my post!

Today I wanted to share a book review about my first "self help" book that I read which lead me to reading others and showed me how my negative thinking was really effecting everything around me. That book is "Treasure Yourself" by Miranda Kerr. Now I am sure most people know who Miranda Kerr is but for those who do not know she is a model who is originally from Australia. Apart for being a model she also runs an organic skincare line, is a certified nutrition coach and has amazing dimples on her cheeks. With that said I do not want anyone to be discouraged from reading this book simply because the author is a does not mean she does not know what she is talking about. In fact she does and made the right move in writing her first book in a simple and clear way.

The book itself is half book and half positive affirmations.

The book itself covers things like self growth, healthy living, healthy thoughts, relationships with others and yourself but the core meaning behind the whole book is love and loving yourself. Like I said it is written very simply which is something I found worked for me since it was my first self help book and when I read it the first time I was possibly at the lowest point I have ever been in life. I think if the book had been far more in depth or "complicated" it would have lost me. I recommend this book almost for a quick read, something to jolt your mindset. Much of it is common sense in a way but for anyone dealing with difficult times or a mental illness "common sense" in living positively is not something that crosses your mind...

The other half of the book is as I stated is positive affirmations.I really liked this addition.
Instead of having to buy a book solely with affirmations it was nice to already have a good 60+ pages in this book and they are all really powerful and meaningful. I did like how in the book it explained or I guess expressed a good way to go about using the affirmations by advising that when you get up in the morning and go to bed, flip to a random page and whatever affirmation it lands on repeat it to yourself throughout the day or before you go to bed so it stays with you. I actually found that to be very helpful and it gave me the idea to keep small sheets of paper at work in my desk with positive affirmations written on them so that whenever I would need that little boost it was there in my drawer.

So in the end, would I recommend this book?

Yes I would! Especially to someone who is just starting to read this kind of material because it is very non intimidating, honest and as I said simply put.

I hope you enjoyed my little review as well I hope you will pop over to Youtube and view on review on my channel! The link is below.

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend and I will be back next week!

xoxo Nicola

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