The Happiness Struggle: Being at Peace


The world we live in today is very go, go, go. It has sped up so much even in the past five years,that sometimes it can be extremely hard to find a quiet moment in life. Having no chance to quiet your mind and rest can lead to a variety of issues. Lack of sleep, a mind always reeling and working, stress that hangs on your back like an obsessive monkey and frustration within work life and personal life. We live in a day and age where finding peace and being at peace is becoming harder and harder to accomplish. In today's Tralala Tuesday post I am going to chat about being at peace and how the lack of this attributes to the struggle for happiness many of us are faced with today.

Happiness and the striving to gain happiness has been thrown on the back burner of life. Instead it has been replaced with a hunger for money, fame and power. People who speak about wanting to live a happy and peaceful life as labeled as hippies, tree huggers or just plain stupid. From some people this is deterring and for others they just roll it off their shoulders because...they know better. They know happiness and peace can be achieved it just takes some sacrificing and work.

But what kind of peace am I talking about?
I am not discussing the peace between warring nations or between queen bee's in a high school. I am talking about the peace you get when you just accept, let go and be.

Be at peace with yourself.

We are very good at limiting ourselves, putting ourselves down with harsh words and belittling ourselves. We are the first to shoot ourselves down and often worry what other people will think about us. We are not at peace with who we are, what we are capable of or even really able to see what we are capable of. Instead of letting the noise of the world pass, the material things stay as material things and not items that are necessary to gain happiness (like that $50.00 over priced brand name t-shirt...seriously?) focus on your ability to quiet your mind, love yourself and let who you are be enough.

So what are some steps you can take to attain this peace?

A lot of it is limiting negative things around you, gaining a positive outlook and quieting all the outside noise and noise in your own head.

- Ask yourself, are all the harsh things you tell yourself helping you attain happiness?

- Ask yourself, are all those items you see other people have things that will make you truly happy or is it a five minute high then a low crash?

- Find time to be quiet, these days we seem to always be on our phones, computers, Ipads, listening to music or just chatting non-stop. Find the time to be in quiet and let your mind shut off. No lists. No plans. No replaying that irritating conversation from earlier that day. Just quiet.

- Do not set a time limit on yourself as to when you should be happy. Everyone these days seems to believe that by your mid-twenties you should have everything figured out. This is not true.

- Do activities that you find relaxing that let you clear your mind from the noise. Running, yoga, crafts, playing in instrument really anything will do but refrain from it being something over stimulating like a computer game.

- Realize that you are only human. You have the right to what you want. The right to be who you want to be. The right to say no...or yes. You have the right to be happy.

- Meditate. Believe it or not meditating is not just for yogis, monks and Sting. It is a wonderful way to still your mind and connect with yourself on a mental and physical level.You can do it anywhere, at home, on the transit ride to or from work, waiting at the doctor's office or even during your lunch break. It can be a five minute long meditation to however long, there are no real rules.

You have the right to be at peace is in this crazy would be live in.

We live in a day and age where for many people everyday they may find it is struggle to even smile. A constant feeling of "not being enough" or "never being who they wanted to be" among many other thoughts. We have forgotten how to be quiet due to the rising in population, constant social interactions through social networks and even texting which can disrupt you at any point of the day and instead of claiming their time as their own many feel an obligation to answer right away...even if they are busy.

You have the right to be at peace is in this crazy would be live in.

You call the shots, you decide your happiness.

You have the right and power to be at peace.

XOXO Nicola

** I soon will be transferring this blog to so you will be seeing some changing in the upcoming weeks :) stay tuned!

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  1. Goodness, there are so many good tidbits in this post. I pretty much agree with...all of them! The main one I have been practicing for the past year and a half has been enjoying more alone time, getting quiet, meditating, and choosing peace within my spirit.

    I do believe that people tend to look at happy folk as "odd" and to me that's really because happiness is now considered some sort of an illusion to most. Too many people think you can only be happy when you arrive at a specific destination - a certain amount of money, a certain house, a certain job, a certain private jet, etc).

    The truth is happiness is a choice we get to make NOW and then it will naturally guide us to the things we individually desire. If we don't have happiness where we are now, we won't have it tomorrow (no matter how many Louboutin's in our closet).

    1. I love your comment :) It is so true that happiness is being considered as an illusion or even fake. There is this idea now that people who are positive as just being fake and it is not real.
      That only being stressed, overworked, frustrated and bitchy is real. Anything is abnormal and that is just so sad.
      Happiness is very much in the now and when you choose to be happy amazing things can happen. You cannot just wait for happiness to happen, you have to decide it.


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