The Happiness Struggle: Social Media


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Social media...
One of the greatest achievement of the past few years...or a major factor in creating all the people walking around us, tense like ticking time bombs?

I touched on the topic of social media and it's impact on people and their happiness in my previous post regarding "The Happiness Struggle". As much as social media allows people to connect, share and learn it also has becoming a breeding cesspool for jealously, people falsely portraying themselves, and this need to constantly seem like you have it all while "stalking" other people in the social media, craving the life they live. Now this applies to Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and other forms of Social Media. Now I am not smacking social media, clearly I use and it can be a fantastic way to get things out there from organizations, awareness and even just to stay in touch with friends and family. 

 But I am referring to the dark side of this network.

As I said, it has become a place for people to bully, post negative and hurtful comments, drool and envy over the lives of others and just plain obsess over what others have and they do not.

So is Social Media a major factor in creating a unhappy person?

I believe it is.

It has aided in creating a world that cannot turn itself off or disconnect, in fear of missing out on something or a impulsive need to always check what another person is posting. In a world where people have their noses pressed against their smartphones and Ipads while on transit or even while crossing the street at a busy intersection we are becoming more and more attached to the ideas and portrayals shown through those screens and less aware of the world around us, the people passing us, the sights our eyes do not see and the chances that pass us by as we live vicariously through others. When you are missing out on so much you eventually start to realize that your life is "lacking" but instead of turning on the phones or at least keeping them in another room, people throw themselves even deeper into it trying to find a sense of self among all the profiles and entertainment news.

It is creating a world of zombies around us.

Along with a world of people who have less hobbies or real interests, I can honestly say I know a few people who I could not even tell you what their hobbies are. They spend most of their time on Instagram or Tumblr (I myself am a Instagram user so I am not smacking it...its good in small dosages) liking, commenting and sharing but in reality it seems they are lost with no real interests to call their own. 

It aids in creating a world of zombies...that are lost without a direction.

Willpower is dropping, self control is spiraling out of control which leads to people feeling unfulfilled, like they are failures and living in a pool of self pity without realizing or perhaps not even wanting to put the effort in to pull themselves out. Something that was meant to connect people has become a bar-less jail where people are locked up in their own minds. 

What is really troubling is how simple the solution is. An ability to disconnect. To turn off the phone, put it away and be in the moment with the world we live in. take up a hobby, become part of a organization or even just take a walk without your phone so you are not distracted by the beeping of a text or social update. Personally if I am at home my phone is in a different room, if I am not expecting a call or message I do not keep it on me so I can relax and not be distracted. 

It is hard to be happy these days with all the distractions and expectations of the world we now live in but if we just take some steps it is possible to get there. Happiness is something we are all meant to have, we are not here to be miserable and envy the people around us. We are meant to create our own happiness and be our own people which is something I find encouraging to find now in the social media. Images and messages encouraging people to be healthy, step away from the phone and take life by the balls. Social Media can be a fantastic thing when the person who uses it understands that it is not the real world and not filled with real expectations.

The real world is yours to take and be happy with.

Expectations are not real.

Your ability to be happy is.

XOXO Nicola

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  1. What I find the most alarming and saddening is how people would rather have a life that looks good than actually is good. I know many people, some of them being my friends, whose life isn't reflected at all by what their social media look like. And that is just so sad. I would feel so ... uneasy and uncomfortable if my online life didn't match with my 'real' life. Ugh I hate those words.
    And I completely agree with you ... They can turn life into a neverending and meaningless competition, it completely distorts our perception of reality ...

    1. I understand and relate with when you wrote "uneasy and uncomfortable if my online life didn't match with my real life" it is so sad that people feel a need to create a persona online that is pretty often very different from who they actually are/actually live.
      Competition is healthy but not when it messes up a person's view on reality, I agree with you there!
      Thanks for the great comment :)
      PS. I love your blog/vlog, so nice to see someone really honest online

  2. Awesome post! - I can understand how people can become addicted to social media, self confidence can be easily portrayed whilst in the comforts of your own home. A lot of false expectations can lead to all sorts of anxiety issues etc especially when confronted with reality. I suppose social media, like everything, a balance of good and bad can be seen.

    1. It is all about balance, something I had to figure out for myself as well!
      Social media is so addicting, you even see shows about it on television now about how people cannot take their eyes away from if it is going to give them fulfillment in life.
      I think people have forgotten about the real world and how it was before all this craziness :P

      fake self confidence is easy, real take work!


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