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I love being outside, there is something about being with nature that is so natural for me. When I was younger I grew up in an area where all the homes around us, including my own, were surrounded by ravines. My backyard was huge and contain a small orchard along with a snazzy tree house. Till I was about twelve years old I spent basically all my time outside. I was either playing with the dogs, climbing the trees, messing around with the vegetable garden we had in the back or just plain frolicking around.

When I was thirteen we moved into a house with a very small yard and after that my mother and I moved into an apartment.

That is where my ability to just step outside my door and lay in the grass without worrying if someone picked up their dog's poop ended.

I am blessed with the fact that in the area I live there are plenty of parks and paths, one park in particular I almost always add to my runs because it is just so peaceful and calming to be there with the trees, plants and ponds instead of running beside a road breathing in car exhaust.

Recently my friend and I took a walk in this park I spend so much time in and I just wanted to share these images with you. It was freezing cold when we took these photos!

Being with nature I believe is one of the most natural things we can do as humans. People were not meant to live in a building away from the rays of the sunshine and the clear air passing through the trees...even though we have spent hundreds of years trying to perfect living indoors.

I hope you enjoy them :)

Photographs are curtsy of photographer Leanna H and myself Nicola K 


XOXO Nicola

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