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Well hello again!

Thank you for stopping by, whether it is your first time visiting my blog or you have been here from the beginning I am just going to quickly give a little background about myself before jumping into this blog post. Since this post is about stress and ways to go about dealing with it I should share that I am someone who has a difficult time dealing with stress. I grew up dealing with anxiety and depression, constantly feeling on edge and limited that by the time I hit adulthood I was pretty unarmed for the world mentally and emotionally. I shared in the past that my process to get through things was a process that has taken years and it was through those years that I realized that me + stress = bad times.

I tend to lash out and take things far too personally when I feel like I am under too much stress and I know I am not the only one.

I do not know if that should make me feel better about it or not...hrmm.

But through the years of dealing with all these things I have come to learn a lot about myself and what works for me and I want to share those things with you. I have been told in the past that I should share how I get through rough patches that are bound to come up when you have had a uphill battle in the past.

I am going to start off by saying that these are just steps that help me (possibly could help you as well) but I am in no way certified in telling you how to beat the crap out of your stress. I am just a petite lady who just happens to have an idea on how much of a jerk stress can be.


My after my first charity run
I can honestly say that if I do not run I feel a large difference in how I feel mentality and emotionally. For me running is a time where I can physically work stress out of my body and be alone, focusing on my breathing and nothing else. I am sure it has a lot to do with all the magical endorphins that are being released as I run and the fresh air since I prefer to run outside and in parks (which are...outside...) but I think a lot of it is because I am forced to focus on the task at hand. Keeping my pace and breathing which allows very little time for me to start brooding over this or that. Anytime I finish a run I feel 10x better so that is why I try to not go without running for more then a day. People generally tend to be surprised that I run at least 5 days a week but it is my cheap shrink.


I grew up with music. I trained in piano from the age of four with the Royal Conservatory, I play the guitar and slowly but surely one I hope the violin. Back when I was younger and going through rough patches I was always listening to sad, angry and bum-me-out music which did nothing to help my own state. Now I make a effort to listen mostly to happy, upbeat and chill music. If I need sometime alone I tend to just listen to some music for awhile and I do have a go-to song called "Explosions" by Ellie Goulding which you may have heard of. Honestly anything Ellie Goulding is a go-to for me but this particular song really helps uplift me.
"Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen is a good one too.

Talk about it

I have never been big on talking about things from the past which may be why I feel more comfortable writing about it. It has nothing to do with being embarrassed or scared I just never felt a need to say it but sometimes I do need to talk and when it comes to that I go directly to my mom. Everyone has that one person they can talk to about almost everything and for me that would be my mom. Yes I have friends that I do talk to about things (mostly boys and other frustrating things) but I find it easier to talk to the person who has been there with me from the beginning and who is the only reason I am still here. Find a person that you know will be by you no matter what. It does not have to be a parent it can often be a friend or even a teacher or an other family member. Keeping it in does nothing for you or the people around you.

Positive Affirmations

I do believe in the power of what you tell yourself and I am a chronic "you suck" person when it comes to what I tell myself so when I found positive affirmations it really did change things around for me. As common sense as they were they struck a chord for me and are still a go-to for me to use if I am having a rough time. I do have some go to ones.
"I am safe, at peace and loved"
"I am writing the story of my life"
"I am surrounded by good things"
I personally tend to forget great things I have done, places I have been and achievements I have had. These affirmations tend to remind me that it really is not all that bad at all now. It is a bad day, not a bad life.


This one is to be expected I suppose since it seems everyone is doing yoga these days to relax but it is something that does help me get centered. A lot like running it forces me to focus, breathe and clear my mind of things and be in the moment. I love yoga and really should do it more often and now try to do 15 - 30 minutes everyday because the difference I feel from the start to the finish is huge. I do recommend it and anyone I know who does yoga is a cool person (heh heh).

Last but not least whatsoever!

Playing with my pup
My little bugger- Bilbo

Playing with my dog is definitely one of the quickest ways for me to start laughing and relaxing. I have always owned dogs since I was a year old and for me is it so much fun to just sit with my dog and play tug-of-war with the little bugger. It has been proven that dogs can and do have a very calming effect on people and I am sure many of you have heard of prisoners being rehabilitated through animals programs and children with terminal illnesses interacting with dogs so I am a firm believer that dogs have a very strong effect on us as people and our mental/emotional states.

So these are the things that I tend to lean towards when I am having a bad day or a rough week. I have learned that sitting on the computer all day, watching T.V and doing nothing really does nothing to help me with stress and frustrations. I hope this perhaps give someone some ideas on how to help their stress! Stress is a normality of life and no matter how positive or zen you are stress is going to come up.

I write about positive living and still have moments where I am anything but zen but that is what being human is all about. 

Growing and learning, if we did not do these things we would be very boring creatures.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

xoxo Nicola

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  1. We have similar ways to deal with stress!
    And I think we both went through similar things too in the past.
    I cannot agree more, running is amazing. I would have never thought I'd say that someday but I love it and this helps me so much. I think it really helped me keep everything from falling appart especially last summer. Now I don't have much time because of school but I cannot wait for the summer holidays!
    As for me, going to church(not mass) also helps a lot, and so does meditation. It makes me feel loved I suppose!

  2. I love this! It definitely helps knowing others struggle with stress and anxiety as well. These are all great things I have realized too that help with dealing with the stress! Blogging is one of them :)


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