Future Planning = Time Vampire


Hey folks, so it is time for another Tralala Tuesday post, your dose of positive thinking for the week!

My post is going to start off with a simple statement;

Time is a funny thing isn't it?

The average person spends more time waiting and watching time fly by then they do living life.

Most of us are planners, we set a date and on that date is when we will achieve something we want, be somewhere we want to be or simply be happy. Instead of living life in the meantime we put experiences and living on the back burner and convince ourselves that the now does not matter, only the future does.

Hello, my name is Nicola and I am a chronic future planner. It has been 24 hours since I last planned my future and did not live in the now.

There I said it. 

I have a horrible habit of planning and of saying when this or that happens I will be content and life will be perfect. I often forget that living in the now is just as perfect as the future I dream up for myself. This does not just apply to my life but to everyone's life. Sure the now may not be butterflies and rainbows but it is what you have at that moment and you can do what you want with it. In life we are taught that when we have that high paying job, that nice house and gorgeous spouse then we will be accomplished and happy. It is not about the time in between, not about the journey it is all about the destination.

Now I am a big fan of goals, I have a few going on right now like running in a half-marathon, going back to school and finding my way back to London once said school in completed. An I spending a bit too much time thinking about the moment(s) when those things will come to fruition? 

You bet!

Is is making me happy?

No on your life! Hell it is stressing me out just thinking about how long I have to wait for some of those things to be completed and the worst part...is I am fully aware that what I am doing is pointless.

Now when I say things like this some people may be thinking...but Nicola you are a positive living person aren't you? You never get mad or stressed because you drink from the fountain of jumping for joy and positive affirmations!


I have said this once and I will say it again, positive people are also human and all people have some kind of nasty mental habit (or a few) that they are working through and keeping tabs on and I have just shared one of mine with you because it is something that effects the happiness of many people! Instead of going after something you want (not something you are told to want) and living life while making that dream happen we put life on hold till we achieve that goal. We do not take small trips or little getaways to that market downtown. We sit thinking about how amazing life will be once we become who we want to be instead of growing as that person through living during the journey we become stagnate and then wondering why we are so miserable and stress. Of course then we simply come to the conclusion it is because we are not in the future yet and the present sucks.

Well sure the present may not be where you want to be right at that moment so..what are you going to do about?

What are you going to do in the meantime while you are working towards that future...what things are you going to do to grow as a person, keep you busy and fulfill the things you need? Sitting at home thinking about it should not be your answer.

You are free to live life as you want. In the present. In the now.

In my list of things I want to accomplish in the future you may have skimmed over the very first one. Run a half marathon. That is not something that is three years away...that is in fact something that is four months away. It is very healthy to set short-time goals that keep you busy and focused on something that is coming sooner rather then later. It will give you that sense of accomplishment you are craving for from your future plans. So mine is a half-marathon as well as a couple of other little goals in the summertime. 

Do not put life on hold for things that are a year or three years into the future. Do not waste that time you have now to do things, accomplish things and make yourself happy!

Life is too short to wait for it to make you happy in the future when you can be happy in the now.

As they say the today is a gift, that is why it is called present.

Yes...I did just type that.



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