Lazy Day(z)


Today I am lazy.

Pretty sure tomorrow and the next day will be the same and you know what?

There is nothing wrong with that!

I noticed lately that I do not share much about myself on my blog anymore, so I thought I would mix things up a bit and share my lazy day. See I really do not want to do anything today, woke up and was very much;


Pardon my language!

I fully intended on cancelling on my friend tonight and just lie around being a sloth. Then I remembered that really, I am not a sit around and do nothing kind of person. As well I like this friend so I figured I would leave being lazy for tomorrow and instead drag myself out of the house and hang out with my lovely friend and do yoga. I am literally dragging myself. 

How is that for sharing!

Got to love useless blog posts that really do not mean anything at all but hey c'est la vie!

To get out of being in a lazy funk I tend to force myself to do the things I know I will enjoy doing once I get myself up on my feet and change my attitude.

What do you do to  get yourself off your butt when you have been hit with the lazy bat?

Please share in the comments!

Although I do not want  to leave you with a post of my lazing butt without some positive vibes so I will leave you with this quote I very much love.

xoxo Nicola

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  1. When I am feeling lazy I usually make myself get off my butt to do a mundane household task like washing the dishes or changing the bed sheets, then reward myself by doing something fun. It doesn't always work, but hey! I try.

    1. That is true, I often turn to housework if I am lazy enough :) I like that you "reward" yourself ! haha

  2. When I'm feeling lazy, my phone is flat, it's 25 degrees, I'm lying on a hammock at the beach of an island that cost $15 dollars to get to from my house. People be talking and I be "huh?" - Australia :D

    1. See that is a fantastic way to spend a lazy day haha a hammock makes it perfection


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