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So it is Tuesday!

That means a new Tralala Tuesday post is coming right at you!

So unless you have been living under a soundproof rock and have no connection whatsoever to any sort of social media outlet then I am sure you have heard of the new self-image movement happening at the moment.

Of course I am talking about the #nomakeup challenge.

Now I did participate in this on Facebook but I decided not to nominate anyone to do the same simply because I am not the type of person to point a finger and go "Hey you I challenge you to do something because social media is telling me too" so I just posted my own photo and stated how whether you wear makeup or no it is about how you feel not how you look. But I was curious on what people's thoughts were on the whole #nomakeup tag that was going around so I decided to read into people's Facebook messages and Instagram comments and was dishearten to see that something that was started to spread a positive outlook on women and show you are more then just the makeup you wear was starting to be labeled as an outlet for "self absorbed" people to share images of themselves without makeup to prove how pretty they are.

A hashtag that allows ego-trips.

This made me very frustrated... lately it seems that anything that is started or suggested with the core being to spread a positive message always somehow gets dragged through the dirt of negative comments. What caused this to happen? Insecurities? Fear? A need to join the masses talking it down? I honestly do not know but it saddens me that this hashtag (as silly as it may sound to some) that was spreading to encourage women to love themselves without a mask of foundation and layers of bronzer was being bashed by people.

Now I am going to quickly add that of course if you like wearing makeup there is nothing wrong with that! Hell I wear makeup of course and like to have fun with it, personally I think the tag was more to encourage women who "hide" behind makeup to come out and play.

But apparently only woman who are self absorbed would do this... along with egotistical women who already think they are pretty and are using it as a chance to show how pretty they are without makeup and that it is only brave if the girl is "ugly", it is vapid and stupid. Oh and it sucks.

How necessary is this? Truly?

I wish people would just let movements that promote something positive to stay as something positive.

Just because celebrities or famous people jump on the band wagon does not suddenly make it a bad thing... we have this mentality that if we cannot do it, are scared to do it, or if someone we do not like is doing it among many other reasons then it sucks, is stupid and a waste of time. Now am I crazy about this "hashtag movement"? No.

I find it frustrating that instead of just being and doing the whole no makeup thing in the real world we are just posting images of it and it kind of shows just how focused we really are on the physical.

Along with that thought I do acknowledge that for some women, going out or posting a picture of themselves without makeup is truly a difficult thing to do and something they really fear so I do say kudos to those who did it and for whom it was truly a big step. I just wish it didn't take a hashtag to show women to take control...I just wish they found it in themselves. But perhaps I am someone who does not know much about how it feels to be so attached to wearing makeup constantly...I personally rarely wear it in day to day life other then a touch of mascara.

In the end though this hashtag was to start something positive and show women who are scared that they are beautiful, with or without makeup.

I just hope that people will learn in the end that it would do them better to accept the hashtag as something positive and if they do not want to participate then simply don't rather then spreading and stating nasty things about it that suggests the most people who are participating are doing it more for vanity then bravery.

I would rather give them the benefit of a doubt and state it as bravery and hope.

Have you participated in #nomakeup ?

If so tell me about it in the comments!

Xoxo Nicola

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  1. Kudos for going sans-makeup! I know what you mean about things seeming to turn negative lately, a tendency amplified by the anonymity allowed by the internet, or at least the sense of being anonymous even if your picture is attached. I tend to ignore those comments; the positive ones speak louder to me anyways. I think it helps to look at it as even though people can change it into something bad, someone out there who needs it will still get the message.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, travelswithpenandpaper.blogspot.com, weeks ago! I'm a horrible regular poster.

    1. It is true, people are braver hidden behind their computer and username then they are when dealing with people in "reality" so they let the negativity rain haha I am glad you enjoyed it!

      No problem! I liked your blog :)

    2. I applaud your willingness to go without makeup for the challenge, Nicola!

      I haven't participated in the #nomakeup challenge but I like what it represents to me - which is the ability to accept and love what you see in the mirror, even if you don't like some things you consider "flaws". I wear makeup sometimes and sometimes I don't. I like it but I do my best to limit the amount I put on because I don't want to become so attached that it becomes unbearable to go without it.

      The negative outpouring online is no surprise; some people have made it their j-o-b to spew hate. I make a choice not to bother with it. I've had my fair share of tests, trust me, and my feelings have been hurt but I do my best to quickly remember that the real problem for me would be allowing the negativity to change me. Remain focused on the life you are meant to live, return people's negativity with an actual intent of love and healing for them (not easy, I KNOW, but necessary), and leave the "haters" in the rafters:)

    3. Thank you Ada, as I stated it was not a challenge for because I only really wear makeup if I am going out to events, dinners and little things like that. Day to day life all I have on is mascara but I do acknowledge the struggle many other women have with going without makeup.
      It is just a pity that these women think that without the layers of makeup they are less of a woman in some way when it comes to how attractive they are.

      Ya sadly I was not surprised by the negative attention it started to receive which is really too bad... it is best to just ignore and brush off the comments and opinions of negative people. They are always going to around and you just have to remind yourself that you want and will be positive and distance yourself from those kinds of influences. Thank you for commenting/reading again Ada!


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