Positive Affirmations Is Personal Power


Happy weekend!

I am a little late with my new post but I have a been a little under the weather and consumed with doing errands as of late so sorry about that but let's just jump right into my new post which is about positive affirmations. I wanted to share some of my favourite and go-to affirmations that I use and have posted on a few of my walls and mirror as reminders while I go about my day. I simply took some post-its, wrote down the affirmations and placed them in places where I know my eye line tends to travel like above a light switch, near my closet and on the back of my bedroom door so that as I leave I see the affirmations and can read them upon exiting.

I will admit I used to think positive affirmations were for suckers.

They were lame, dumb and sounded like pure cheesy goodness and of course it ends up I was totally wrong.

I use daily affirmations everyday to keep my mental and emotional state in check or if I am in a particular mood like perhaps I am feeling pretty lowly about myself I will focus my affirmations on how I am worth loving and a powerful human being. I really do recommend positive affirmations for anyone and everyone. I believe anyone can benefit from a nice dose of positive reminding that they are awesome and nothing less them who they are meant to be.

Positive affirmations gives you a personal power that you have control over how you think and the things you tell yourself.  You can choose to tell yourself nasty negative things or you can choose to tell yourself uplifting and encouraging things... which do you think in the end will benefit you more? Pretty sure your answer will not be negative bullshit serves me better!

If that is your answer then you need a nice long hug and to be slapped with a positive enlightenment stick.

I know a lot of people who have said to me or I hear them say that positive affirmations do not work but I believe that they do. If you repeat a positive affirmation to yourself over the course of a day it can and will keep you in check with how you are thinking and responding. Of course though, it first takes a good attitude. A bad attitude will never aid in anything... approach it with a open mindset and good attitude and positive affirmations can truly help you through a day, hard week or lifetime.

I just want to share some of my go-to positive affirmations with you!

I am writing the story of my life
I am happy and peaceful inside
I am surrounded by loving and helpful people
Being myself involves no risks, it is my ultimate truth and I live it fearlessly
I am worth loving
I am where I am meant to be
I am a happy and full of light
Whatever happens I know I can handle it
Love will come when it does, chase dreams not love
I am gifted, loved and spread light and joy where ever I go

Create Your Own Affirmations

Many of the affirmations I use are ones I find in books or have heard from others, this does not make them any less my own since these affirmations are meant for everyone to enjoy and empower themselves with. Though many people think you need to use "pre-made" affirmations this is not true, you can also create your own. Depending on where you are at in life you may need more help with something more specific. Maybe you are having problems at work? In your love life? Or maybe you are just struggling with where you are at in life at this very moment. The key thing when making a positive affirmation is to always use present tense, never future. For example if you want to write a positive affirmation about your job. I have had jobs that I have loathed and struggled to go into work many times but if you change your mindset it can help you at least get through the day (while looking for another job I hope! Never condemn yourself to a job you despise, you are worth more then that).

So let's make a basic affirmation for this situation.

Instead of writing;

I will get a job I enjoy and brings my satisfaction


I have a job that I enjoy and brings my satisfaction

The key is to help you in the now not in the future. In order to progress you need to first already have a calm mindset. If you are angry at work and job hunting it will only male the process of finding a new job more stressful. Help yourself by telling yourself that this job you have now brings you satisfaction. Now this is not easy to do but it can be done. Having a calm mind leads to finding solutions faster.

Positive Affirmations Is Personal Power

The reality is that we are the ones who are in control of our lives and our thoughts. Society tells us that we should be this or that, the government tells us what is wrong and right (while creating their own scandals shhhh) and friends as well as family will try to steer us down paths that they believe are the right paths. Parents may try to force you into a career choice that you want nothing to do with but obligation to your parents may make you. Friends will tell you who is cool to hang out with and who is not. What not to wear and what to wear. Significant others may want you to give up things you are passionate about and work may try to take over your life. In the end we have the control over our lives and thoughts just many of us have forgotten, are too scared to take the reins or simply have not realized that we are the writers of our own stories. No one else.

The best stories have a happy ending.

Positive thinking and reminders can aid in helping you find and follow that path that leads to your happy ending. In the end it is your life, mind and heart. For years I followed what I was told by others simply because I did not have the energy to dispute them. I let myself be led from the career paths that I wanted and believe that I could never make anything I dreamed of happen.

It ends up in the end I was wrong.

I could make anything I wanted happen and I could be who I wanted to be.

The negative people in my life at that point were wrong and I am happy I can now see that. I am finally perusing a life that I want and have positive, encouraging and wonderful people in my life now and I hope that you reading this can say the same.

Tell yourself positive things, surround yourself with people who think in a similar way not cynical and negative people. Be your own person... not the person people tell you to be.

You have your own personal power, take it and create the life you want and deserve.

Xoxo Nicola

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  1. So many people seem to surround themselves with negative thinkers, the disadvantage of this is it's nearly impossible to turn a negative people around, they have chosen by their makeup to think in that way. Unfortunately such thinkers can over power a person who tends toward a positive outlook on life. It can be likened to Good and Evil, take any war in history and you will invariably find that a few Evil or negative minded people over came the will of many Good people. Moral of the story, choose your friend carefully, don't let the bad affect the good in you.

    1. It is also a disadvantage people many people these days cannot tell when they are surrounded by negativity. It has become a norm to be negative, critical, cynical and such. Social media has made this normal because it allows these people to be negative from the safety of their own homes hiding behind a computer and keyboard.
      You have be to aware and choosy about whom you surround yourself with. It may mean ending long relationships or even cutting some family ties but no ones need to be negative is greater then someone's need and want to be happy and free.

  2. Thanks a lot for this post Nicola.You really are gifted, loved and do spread light and joy where ever you go! Have a splendid week!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words Wayne!

  3. hank you very much for your kind words Wayne!


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