When Life Hands You Lemons...


Man. The past week as been a gong-show and a half!

Against my will I was kept from being able to update my blog for a week because not just one but both laptops in my household decided to die at the same time. They are fried, dead, gone, and sorely missed. Considering I was not expecting to be buying a new computer for a few months I was forced to purchase a new one (well this is a tablet since like I said I cannot buy a laptop till the fall) and was kept from posting on my blog due to this fantastic series of expensive events. All things considered though I am back (late but back) and set to share a new post with you folks!

It is pretty obvious that this week was stressful, aside from the mass exodus of my laptops I also had a portfolio I had sent to a university go missing and of course all that information is on a dead computer which means some re-writing and taking them in person a long with a few other hiccups in less then five days. I stated in my last post that I realized I do not share much about my life or basically anything about me on this blog and I think I should shake that up a bit and from time to time seem like a human being not just a blogger preaching about happiness, love and rainbows!

So I am going to share about how I broke up this stress filled few days with moments of calm, fun and mentally escaping the madness.

Need something to hook you in?  

It included ice-cream.


So the general natural reaction of a person when they are going through stressful, frustrating and an overall poopy time is to sulk, mope, stay at home and exclaim how unfair and terrible their lives are. I totally used to do this and still do on the odd day but over time I realized what really works for me is doing something. Anything that gets me moving, out of the house and somewhat distracted I find is the best remedy to a stressed out mind. Housework or meeting up with friends between runs usually does the trick. This week since I was computer-less there was no internet to distract me and I only have basic cable so no HBO to take me from reality so instead...I did stuff.

I played some guitar and piano. Drew a bit and cleaned. Hung out with my dog like the awesome person I am but strangely did not run or do yoga which when I think about it is strange since those are very much my two go-to things when it comes to silencing my working brain.

In retrospect I should have done yoga and running to begin with...

Ah such is life!

Apart from those things I also stopped by and had lunch with my friend in White Rock. White Rock is a small town-like settlement near White Rock Beach (clever eh...) which has plenty of boutiques and shops but more importantly great food and a even better view which includes a pier. I was raised by water and spent much of my childhood either in water or near it at the beach, along with my teenage years. I love the smell and when I am at the beach I am totally distracted by the sights around me. The waves lightly crashing on the shore, the sun glistening on the water and the awesome smell of salt and seagull poop.

Having lunch with my friend was the biggest and best distraction and it allowed me to clear my head for the next day which was full of errands and solutions to some problems. That beach day included a failed attempt to walk along the pier because it was just way too cold and we turned around halfway (well more four meters in...) as well it involved a great veggie flatbread sandwich with crispy fries and creamy Nanaimo Bar ice-cream.

It was a great getaway even though it is only twenty or so minutes from my home.

I suppose that is the point though and the reason day trips or even trips that last only as few hours are such a release. It has taken you away from the things that were stressing you out, it put you in a new environment that had no room for complaining or sulking. Only room for relaxing and breathing in quiet.

Whenever someone is feeling overly stressed I generally would offer two pieces of advice;

1) If you have the means just get away for a few hours, even if it is just going to a beach that is 20 minutes away from your home or downtown for some crepes (we have a few crepe cafes here in Vancouver) the point is that you take yourself out of the environment that is stressing you out and into a new one so your brain and nerves can have a moment to rest and restart

2) Do something. Do not just sit at home posting passive aggressive status updates on Facebook or Twitter...get off your butt and do something even if it is just cleaning. Being physically active gives you less of a opportunity to allow your mind to obsess.

So there you have it! This has been my crazy week of wanting to throw a chair through a window to just taking a moment and looking out onto the water.
In stressful times there are always moments you can find, even if they are only for a few minutes, that can help calm you down and chill you out!

I plan to have a new post on Tuesday like always!

Till then have a great weekend folks!

xoxo Nicola

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