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Usually with Thursdays or Fridays I share a positive filled post bursting with rainbows, lucky charms and shirtless Bradley Cooper but this time I wanted to share my experiences with hot yoga, which I kind of see as a stepping stone to positive and calm life.
It is all about sweating out those toxins and striving to not pass out in your own puddle of disgusting sweat.
As well it is about smelling as badly as you can after a class. Delicious.
Usually when someone says “Hot Yoga” the first thing people assume is that you mean Bikrams Yoga well I am sorry to disappoint you but believe it or not…there is other forms hot yoga out there.
Specifically Hot Hatha which is a yoga I used to do a year ago but just lost the time to go to the studio but a week ago  I managed to drag my butt to the studio after work and go to a hot  flow yoga session and I wanted to share that experience with you and give you some tips to make your hot yoga experience a good one.
The particular studio I went to is called Oxygen Yoga & Pilates, they have several locations all over the Greater Vancouver area and they do either just yoga classes or a Hot Pilates/Yoga Fusion which I have done and defiantly felt the “burn” get it?
 Its hot…so it…burns…
Anyways the studio itself is great and the Hot Yoga session defiantly left me feeling like I just sweated out all the nastiness in my body and that I am super human for being able to stay conscious. Not to scare any of you folks interested in hot yoga! I am all about honestly in this blog and honestly... it is a great way to zen out
and stretch out your body with your yoga skills but the reality is it will be hot and you will need to focus on your breathing and use mind over matter to not let your body just drop to the floor, passed out and wet.
So here are some of my own yoga tips to help you along in your first class to make it as great of an experience as possible!
Hot Yoga Tips
1)      Bring a BIG bottle of water. I am not kidding it has to be a big bottle, do not try to be a badass and only bring a small one because you will only look like a idiot. Most hot yoga studios also have a water station so take advantage of that as well.

2)      Hydrate before. Hydrate during. Hydrate after. This one is extremely important.

3)      Bring a large towel and a small face towel. The large towel will be used to put in top of your yoga mat if you start sweating like a beast so you are not slipping and sliding on your mat. Some studios do not make the room so hot that you need to use one but the fair few who do I recommend bringing a large towel. I personally do not like using them because you do loose your grip but if you are a beginner or have a wet yoga mat phobia bring one. As well bring the face towel. You will need to dry off your face during the session if the room is set to a higher degree because the sweat will creep into your eyes and burn like a mother! Also it just feel disgusting yet…so good.

4)      Do not worry about how you look. I have seen some people go into the studio with a full face of makeup on and leave looking like The Joker. Leave the makeup at home because no one looks pretty during a hot yoga session, between the sweating and startling animalistic grunting that occurs trust me, no one is looking at you…everyone is way too busy trying to not stop breathing.

5)      Enjoy it. Hot yoga feels great when you are done. It is good for flushing out the skin and toxins in your body. Sure during you may feel like the world is ending ten minutes into the class but you will easily fall into the rhythm. The key is not to think too much about how hot it is and focus on your body and breathing.

6)      Shower. Please just…shower. Unless you are me then just go to your friends house afterwards and rinse off because you will smell and no amount of Victoria Secret Bombshell perfum is going to cover it up.

Hot Yoga What Not to Do Tips

1) Do not try to be a badass and not bring water or hydrate yourself before hand. You will only put yourself in a sticky situation where you will get dehydrated and risk passing out within the first ten minutes or having to end your time early and leave. You will not look cool... you will just look silly.

2) If you are a woman try not to have you mat directly behind a very attractive man who will most likely be As well this is also a joke.
shirtless. This is a distraction. Same goes for the men and avoiding attractive woman in front of you. Or whatever floats your boat.

3) Do not push yourself too hard. In yoga classes they will often offer beginner, advanced and intermediate levels when it comes to a position. Use the level that applies to you. If you are beginner do beginner. If you are advancing yourself slowly then attempted a higher level but do you push yourself too hard. Yoga is not about being in pain and you can hurt yourself.

4) Do not forget to wiped down your yoga mat, studios often have tea tree oil spray to use on your mats to clean and disinfect them. This is more for your own personal hygiene as bacteria can and will build up. Keep your mat clean.

There you have it!

I hope you find these tips useful for when you go to your first hot yoga session! It is really not as scary as it can sound, it is all about just enjoying yourself and listening to your body!

Namaste and Peace Out



If you are in the Greater Vancouver Area and interested in checking out Oxygen Yoga you can follow the link below;

Oxygen Yoga & Training

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  1. I've done hot yoga a few times and all the times I go, they have specific water breaks - have you noticed that as well?

    1. I think it depends on the studio, I have never been to a studio with hot yoga that had specific water breaks. It was more they would fit it in between positions but you never got the chance to really stop, I am assuming so it does not disrupt your "flow"


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