FED UP - A Documentary I Will Watch


I am going to share a little tidbit with you about me. There are two things I put a lot of time into.

1) Educating myself through reading random things at random times and watching a few too many documentaries.

2) Knowing what I am putting into my body through the food I am eating.

I am that annoying person in the grocery aisle who is reading the contents on the boxes of the food I am buying and comparing them with other products. I am that person who is taking into account the amount of sugar, fat and carbohydrates that are being found in the items I may eat later on. Apparently this makes me silly and a "skinny bitch" to quote some strangers who have passed me either on the street or in those food aisle but the reality is that for the past couple of years I have been very aware that they food we are eating can barely even be labeled as "food" anymore.

Even organic products can possibly be only 5% organic while the rest is still garbage. You have to make sure the food is certified organic and when I have the choice between organic and not organic I always reach for the later option even if the cost is a little higher because the reality is.

We only have one body and I do not feel like filling it with poisons just because apparently this junk is now the "norm" to eat.

I wanted to share this documentary trailer with you because from what I gather it is really going to highlight the real issues in our day in age when it comes to diet and the ramifications that ignorance and lack of knowledge with what you are eating (even worse not caring about what it is doing to your body) it really doing to the human population.

Sad that in less then 20 years...McDonalds is considered a normal meal rather then a salad or home cooked meal.



Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the creation, production or distribution of this film. I am aware that not all facts in this film may be 100% accurate. I shared this for the meaning behind the film and the messages it is teaching. Awareness. 

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  1. So many puns Nicola....but it's crazy the amount of engineered food we eat. I must watch this!

    We fund private companies by purchasing their unhealthy food and then complain why our taxes are so high, Diabetes and Obesity cost billions in government funding every year (Australia). Issues like this present such a sad contrast to global issues like hunger. It shits me. It's like the smart we humans become, the dumber we get.

    1. Believe it or not...all those puns were totally unintentional! :)

      I think that is really true, the smarter we get the more we focus on productivity and wealth rather then sustaining mankind and aiding...world hunger should not even be an issue. Yet it still is.
      Food is a strange topic these days because most of it is not even food anymore...

      Ah Australia has the same issue going on too eh?
      At least you got that lovely weather to make up for it (joking of course...but not really at the same time :) )

  2. Wow. This scares me because I know how lax I have been with my food intake. I have always been a lover of food but when I think about how unnatural "natural" foods are and the toxicity of some of the things I eat it scares me. This documentary may be exactly what I need to watch to become more sensible with my eating habits.

    1. It is a scary thought isn't it? That one of the most dangerous things effecting mankind these days, mostly in North America is in fact the food we eat and the way it is processed/ingredients/ ect...
      I really try to keep things as natural as possible and I wish I had a yard to grow my own veggies (I had a little garden when I was a kid and we had a small orchard man that was the life LOL)

      Get on what you are eating girl! :)


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