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Hello Lovelies!

How was your weekend?

Hope it was snazzy!
Today's Tralala Tuesday post is going to be a little dose of music that is all about being happy, positive and in general just being in a good head space. Personally I have some go-to songs that I listen to when I find myself having a bad day or just even a moment of annoyance which happens pretty often when I am on the train to or from work. For example today! When heading to work there was a little boy who would not stop screaming. I do not mean a crying scream, I mean a screaming just to scream while smiling kind of scream.

Now I do not know about you but when it is eight in the morning and I am heading to work...listening to screaming is not really on my to do list while on the train so that is when the noise cancelling headphones come out and the Ipod turns on.

So what will I be sharing off of my playlist?

Let's first take a little trip back in time. 

Back in the day I used to listen to a lot of music that did not really encourage feelings of happiness and positive vibes. In high school and till the age of twenty or so my Ipod had music by Billy Talent, Linkin Park, lots of Eminem ( I know right), Evanescence (forgive me) and Nickleback….yes….Nickleback (trust me. I am just as embarrassed as you are) among several other musical artists who's songs were primarily about being sad, angry, hateful or just plain depressed. I would say 90% of the music I listened to was angry, sad and discouraging.

Till now where I basically completely avoid any and all music like that. It is amazing how music, or even one song, can either put you into a certain head space or take you out. So now I will share my Top Ten Mood Changing Playlist (for happy-happy-joy-joy times) for this week and perhaps uncover a little gem or two for you guys!

The List is in no particular order;
  1. -          Jess Penner – Life is Rosey
  2. -          Jess Penner – Bring Me the Sunshine
  3. -          Pharrell Williams – Happy
  4. -          Shakira – I’m Like a Gypsy
  5. -          Katy Perry – This Moment
  6. -     The Noisettes - Don't Give Up
  7. -     Matt Kearney - Runaway
  8. -     Lights - Banner
  9. -     David Guetta Feat. Sia -Titanium
  10. -     Silver Firs - Away We Go

All these songs have something to do with being happy, positive, strong, adventurous and in general just being you and taking advantage of the things life can throw at you.

Do you have any go to songs that change up your mood?
If so let me know in the comments!

As well I just wanted to share my OOTD (outfit of the day...also know as #ootd) from the weekend! I had a lovely ladies night pretty much two nights in a row. One with just a bestie and a television and the other with a group of wonderful women where I got the chance to dress up which is a rare thing so I basically always take advantage of it!

Dress: Primark (UK)
Everything Else : I got it from my mama

If you would like me to share some more OOTD in the future let me know!



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  1. "Titanium" is SO good :) Also (and I know it's terribly cheesy) but I love cranky "Roar" by Katy Perry in the car when I'm feeling blue. That girl always perks me up! Lovely read :)

    1. You know what!?
      I find usually the super cheesy songs are the ones that put a smile on your face the fastest :)
      "Roar" is a good one or you know "Spice Up Your Life" because I am 12 on the inside
      Thanks I am glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Love your dress :) Loving your playlist I'm obsessed with all of Katy Perry's music. Recently my pick me up songs have been Demi Lovato-Neon Lights,Betty Who-Somebody Loves You and Elli Goulding- Burn ♥

    1. Thank you :) I am a big fan of this dress!
      I completely agree with you about Ellie Goulding- fact in a huge Ellie fan :P love all her music.

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Cute Dress! I loved Primark when I was in London- great stuff, priced nicely

    1. It is a pity Primark is only in the UK...needs to come over to North America :)


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