You Are Amazing: Your New Mantra


Hello lovelies,

Happy Tralala Tuesday!

I do not know about you but we are having some crazy warm weather here in Vancouver, going from pouring rain to sunny sunshine is both amazing but making my body extremely confused! Today's post is going to be nice and sweet because all I am going to do is ask you to do a favor for me...

Trust me, it is something you can do.

Even from the comfort of your own home.

Your office.

Or even if you are stuck in traffic.

Shall we begin?
First off, here is a mirror...

Now go find yourself a mirror that you can actually see yourself in.

Look at yourself in the mirror.

You are not allowed to scrutinize yourself, nitpick or put-down.

Just look at yourself and see yourself as what you are.

Amazing, unique, one-of-a-kind.
Brilliant, intelligent, capable and wonderful.
You are beautiful as you are and worth it all.

Now. Here is the hard part and you may have heard this before. You may feel silly doing it (only because you do but that is half the fun) but look into the mirror and tell yourself one of those three phrases.

I AM amazing, unique, one-of-a-kind.
I AM brilliant, intelligent, capable and wonderful.
I AM you are beautiful as you are and worth it all.

Saying it is hard at first but the key is to believe.

Many people do not believe they are worth much and self depreciate themselves. They never feel like they are enough, deserving, and settle in life. I speak from experience. We believe what others tell us and do what they say we should do. We fear being ourselves because we worry others will not accept us but the truth is, like minded people eventually find each other and when you choose to be positive you will drawn positive people to yourself.

You cannot have a happy and positive life when you are surrounded by negative people and negative thoughts.

Hang out with your mirror every morning and evening telling yourself something amazing about yourself.

And believe it.



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