I Like Punching Things


Bet that title got your attention eh?

You must be thinking "What? I thought Nicola was all about love, peace and cookies!"

Well think again folks, I truly do enjoy punching things and kicking is always a good time too but I should elaborate. I like punching things during my kickboxing classes. Not only is it an amazing work out and helps release any tension and stress in your body (picturing another person's face on the punching pads is a bonus) but also...it just feels amazing to know that if I ever had a West Side Story situation happen I could confidently take a least one of those greasy haired fellas down.

See I have always had a soft spot for anything that involved martial arts.

I grew up watching Jackie Chan movies and also grew up having my brother practice karate moves on me...which also evolved into me becoming a worm when held against my will. I can pretty much get out of any hold by now but I digress...as I said I have always had a soft spot for punching and kicking things and it helps that it is something I am actually decently good at.

I did martial arts here and there, kickboxing mostly though I did take a karate class taught by some Polish dudes but I kept getting a cold because well. they were super smart and had the air conditioning on, with the doors open while we were barefoot...in the middle of fall.

Truly those men were of a high intelligence.

Back to my point though...I think kickboxing is a great activity to take part in for the following reasons;

1) It is a great stress and tension relief (like I said) it beats screaming into a pillow
2) You get to punch things
3) The workout you get is a real workout, you work muscles you most likely have forgotten you even had
4) You get to kick things
5) You start to see yourself slowly but surely progressing. Combos are not as hard as they used to be.
6) You get to punch and kick things in combination
7) It teaches you real skills. I personally think it is really important that all women know how to take care of themselves...who wants to be a damsel in distress these days?
8) You look pretty awesome

Can you see why I like punching things?

Bet you want to do that now too!

But honestly, when it comes to releasing stress what do you do?
Feel free to post in the comments section!

Do not let the purple hand-wrap fool you...

Xoxo Nicola

Credit to Zhoosh Fitness Garage & Foxy Kickboxing

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  1. Zhoosh Fitness Garage20 June 2014 at 13:02

    Great post Nicola! Thank you :)

    1. Not a problem! Your sessions are awesome...I'll have to credit you :)

  2. I'm pretty sure that kick boxing is offered as a class at my college gym, but can't go this summer because I'd have to pay! (It's free if you're enrolled) But I would love to try kickboxing!!

    1. I think it is offered at a lot of colleges/universities now including the one I will be attending!
      You got to try kicboxing out! it is such a great feeling when;
      1) you know you can kick butt
      2) see yourself getting fitter and healthier

      If you do try it out, let me know how you like it :)

  3. I used to kickbox failry regularly a few years ago but all the moving countries and what not put that to rest. I'm utterly and completely out of shape now- such a shift from when I used to kickbox! I'd never felt quite so powerful before (or since!)- you've made me want to find a class now!

    1. Go back! haha go back and kick butt!
      If you can of course :)
      What countries have you moved around to?


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