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It is another Tuesday which means another Tralala Tuesday post! This morning on Instagram (lovely20somethings) I posted this picture and it gave me an idea on a post to write so sit back, sip a beverage of your choice and enjoy my ramblings!

In the past I have shared that I firmly do not believe in the concept of luck, I pretty much think is it poopoo and should be eliminated from people's vocabulary...a good replacement would be the word "blessed" but I digress. As much as I do not believe in luck I do instead firmly believe in the concept of karma. I am someone who believes in the "pay it forward" mentality and that doing good things will return positive vibes in your favor, and of course vice versa with negative and ill intended objectives. One of my favorite quotes is;

"Be gentle with yourself, be gentle with others"

And we have all heard this saying;

"Treat others as you would like to be treated"

The concept of treating others well is a extremely simple thing to do yet I find more often people are rude, harsh and aggressive towards others for no apparent reason instead of doing something that is very easy to do...being polite and gentle. I never understood the idea of being rude to someone, especially a stranger. It does nothing for you and nothing for them other then rilling both of you up and possible ruining or at least putting a dent in both of the individual's day. So why do it? My thinking is because someone wants to make the other feel how they feel and I find this is a constant existing thing when you work in the service industry..in the words of someone I know who has also worked in the industry

"You are basically paid to be abused"

Which I can agree with. When you work "serving" others (absolutely hate that word...serving...as if you are a lesser person) you unintentionally can, and will, become a stranger's verbal punching bag and sometimes even a physical one. I do not understand it. I for one, with anyone I meet, try to be as polite and nice as possible even if I am having a horrible day because it is not that person's fault. Usually it is no one's fault, simply a state that you are in because something went wrong...but to take it out of someone else that you have no idea where they are in life is so selfish I have never been able to wrap my mind around it. I was always taught to be kind to others, not to take crap but as well not to start any crap.
What goes around comes around. Be kind to others and the universe will return that kindness to you.
Be a royal jerk well look out for falling bird poop because the universe also has a sense of humor with karma.

The thing is we all need kindness. Sometimes one act of kindness in a day can change someone's mood, day or sometimes even life. This world we live in needs more love, kindness, understanding, hope and gentle hands. Our world is so filled with gossip, negative displays, over sexulization, hate, intolerance, genocide, cold hearts and cruel hands that we should do whatever we can to counter balance those horrible things. Even if it is just saying good morning to a stranger, holding open the door for a person or asking a cashier how their day is going, every little bit helps this world.
Do your part.
Would you rather be good vibes or bird poop vibes?
In the end the choice is yours.
I hope you go with the good vibes because I have heard that karma bird poop is extra hard to get out.
Love and good vibes y'all!


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  1. We are attracted to self-reflections of ourselves; thus, being gentle to people is synonymous with self-serving gratitude. This was an enjoyable read Nicola. Keep it up!


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