The Happiness Struggle: Collect Memories Not Things


There is no denying that we live in a pretty materialistic world.

Everyday we are bombarded by advertisements telling us that we need these things to be happy.
That we will get the hot guy if you own those shoes, or you will get the hot girl if you smell like BOSS.
Maybe you will be as cool as that famous person if you own the same hat as them.
Or get that promotion if you wear that particular brand of clothing.

Pretty much our sense of self and worth has been limited to what we own for the most part. We seemed to have forgotten the old saying;

"You cannot take it with you"

Rarely will a person say on their death bed that the wish that had bought the thing that was advertised that day.

If you know...ever.

We as people need to remember that material things come and go but memories and experiences are the things that last. I hear so often from people how they wish they could do this or go here or there but cannot because it costs so much. Then they go and buy a three hundred dollar purse that makes me pause. It seems "things" have more worth now to "memories" which I think is just very sad.

Picture this:

When you are old and lets say you have grandchildren, what stories will you tell them?

The fantastic tale on how you got a pair of boots on sale? Or how you got a new car and the new car smell lasted longer then usual?

Wow Grandma. Stop being so interesting its making my head spin.

I am only twenty-five but I know the worth of memories. I have always wanted to end up being the mother who had tales to tell her children and encourage them to chase their dreams and to be the cool grandmother that lived life, has pink hair and collected experiences rather then shoes. Now this is not to say that shopping and owning is the devil, it is natural to want things but I am more regarding the excessive need some have to own things, to buy things that build up in their homes and closets, often simply collecting dust.

Things are just that.


They do not shape you, define you, help you grow or make you who you are.

What you do, the things you say, the places you see and the dreams you have make you who you are.

We were put on this planet to chase and explore, to create lives for ourselves that are deeper then a shoe-box. Granted. I suppose some people are truly happen simply owning and buying. The women who state their favorite hobby is "shopping".

I would much rather be the person who creates and holds memories rather then things, but I think this scares some people because often memories cost money, require saving or sacrifices. People fear those things, getting one thing they want but not another so they settle on "things" because "things" are looked at as safe. They will always be there and will always give you a little bit of a high when you first by them. You can depend on them for that because it an be almost instant. But I think that is the beauty of memories.

You cannot hold them in your hands, except you hold them in your heart and share it this others.

Whether those memories are from travels, concerts, events, relationships, random moments in life or just a moment where everything just fell together. Memores in the end are priceless and do not come with a pesky bill at the end of the month.



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  1. I'm one of those people who purges their belongings every few years. I get rid of damn near everything I own and start over. I hate having excess around me. The things I keep, are the things that hold memories- the things that I received as gifts from people, or the things that have a story behind them as to how I acquired them. I recently moved from NC to England. I sold off everything I could and I donated the rest. My entire life was packed up into 5 medium sized boxes- only 2 of which were full of actual possessions. The rest of it was stuff that was just too heavy to put in my suitcases- shoes, purses etc. and things my mother had asked me to bring. I've never seen the point to buying more than you need. I despise going shopping. I've always had the mindset that once my bills are paid off, I've put some aside for savings, and I have my necessities covered, I might as well spend the rest on having fun. Its not like you can take it with you. And while I haven't been on any trips that are over the top amazing, or have photographs of some far off lands, what I do have are memories. Great experiences with wonderful people I love and care about. I would much rather spend $300 on a night out buying dinner and drinks for my friends than on a handbag.

    1. I love that you moved to England...I am hoping to do that once I am done my degree. All depends on where my internships lead me :) but I hear you on the mind set that after bills you gotta save some money and have some fun. I think life was meant for doing things, having fun and living.
      I'd hate to live a stressed life because of debt I collected over things.

      That is awesome you do that purge though...I do it do but I don't purge as many things as I should haha I've a very sentimental person

  2. What a great read that was. I'm actually going through a bit of a slump right now and I'm trying to re-organise and re-evaluate my life so reading this really resonated with me. Thank you for writing this; It's a simple concept really memories ARE more important than material items, but sometimes we just need to be reminded of this.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it! I know what you mean since I was in a slump like that for a couple of years till I realized that I much preferred collecting experiences rather then items :)
      Glad to could remind you!


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