An Important Request


Hey guys!

Today I will not be posting a Tuesday post only because I was so busy this weekend and I am still recovering from the wildness of my getaway and the drive back!

I will be posting though later this week :)

If you would like some doses of positivity or an update you can check out my Instagram at lovely20somethings

I do have a request for you guys only because I want to make this clear.

I really do appreciate all the support I get from you, obviously I would not be still blogging if I did not have the encouragement I get from all of you when it comes to me sharing my views and hopefully helping others in the process but I have noticed a pattern happening that I wanted to address.

I am more then happy to chat with you guys!

Honestly and truly but I always state to do so in the comment section of my blogs. I have been getting emails to my business email and unfortunately if it is not business related I will no respond to you. I made it very clear that the email is not for chatting or asking me non business/blogger related questions it is for inquiries for business only.

I have simply had people trying to contact me with personal requests or personal reasons and I wanted to make it clear that I will not be answering to these...I like to keep my true private life, private. This makes me uncomfortable since I share what I feel needs to be shared through my blog and all other questions really do cross the line. I simply do not want it to get to the point where I feel the need to take a hiatus because of this kind of energy being directed towards me and questions or contact trying to be made that is uncomfortable.

If you DO have questions please feel free to ask in the comments as well I am part of the 20somethings blog forum where you can also ask me questions there.

I do not want to discourage questions just wanted it to be directed to the correct place so that they do get answered! Again I appreciate all the encouragement I get from your guys.

You are awesome.

Till later this week!


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