DIY Orange-Kiwi Popsicles


Hello Lovelies!

So it is summer and summer = crazy heat... at least where I live!
So a solution was needed for cooling down and I remembered that I had a make-at-home popsicle set that I thought would be a good idea to put to use!
Today's post is going to be a quick (and simple as can be) popsicle "recipe" that you can use to made yummy deliciousness on a stick to cool yourself down during this summer season!

All you need is;

- Popsicle set
- Juice (in this case orange citrus)
- Sliced kiwis
- Watermelon pieces

1) drop the kiwi pieces evenly into the set
2) drops couple small pieces of watermelon (I know this is so hard, hold on your almost done)
3) fill the set to the line
4) click in the sticks
5) stick in freezer and let freeze for a couple of hours...

Then voilà! A quick, easy peasy popsicle that also happens to be pretty darn good!

Happy summer days!


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