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I know I have been saying this a lot lately but man have I been busy! I was hoping to post over the weekend but I ended up helping my friend with her booth at the Kitsilano Festival on the Saturday (her booth was for her healing jewellery line Rae Kai) and then on the Sunday I ran away to the hot springs but I am back and ready to share with you another Tralala Tuesday Post!

Let's hop to it!

What If

We live in a pretty "what if" world.

People in general have a tough time embracing where they are in life at that moment and are constantly finding the negatives in the moment rather then the beauty in the moments. I do think this is a disposition that is extremely common, even the most zen-zen master would have moments where they just want to throw their arms in the air are say "it all blows" but what if I were to tell you that there are silver linings in every situation and to embrace life and what it is throwing at you will make life a little smoother.

We often over-look the silver linings and look at the "what ifs".
What if I did this instead of that, made that choice instead.
Said this instead of that.
Went there or stayed here.

"What it" is a pretty common mind set among people. We seem to consistently second guess ourselves and instead of accepting the choices we make in the past we berate ourselves for them in the present.

Doesn't that sound like a silly thing to do to ourselves?

Beat ourselves up for something in the past rather then doing what we can in the present.
You cannot change the past but you can live in the present and shape your future.

No more what ifs... it is time to embrace your time now.

Embrace It

What do I mean by embrace it?
Well I mean embrace it ALL.

No more waiting for happiness, no more waiting around for some fabulous thing to happen.
If you want something to happen make it happen.
If you want to go somewhere, go.
If you want to live then start damn living.
What to be happy? It is time to make the choice.

Life is being awesome? Embrace it.
Life is being a jackass? Embrace it.

When you fight the inevitable and things you cannot control you just make life that much harder on yourself. It is better to roll with the punches rather then curl up in the ball of frustration and regret (even though often this is much harder to do then it sounds). Embracing life is an important key to living happily because it means that whatever life throws at you, you take it and do what you can with it.

In general just embrace living!

Many of us take life for granted or live a half life.

Since you are living, you might as well live as you wish and do the things that make you happy and remind yourself that you only have one go around the track so live it up.

Personally I love to go on little weekend runaways, especially in the summer time. I embrace that I live in a place where I can go to some beautiful spaces.

Explore! Go on adventures! Try crazy foods, go to cities you have never been, smile at a stranger.
Find worth in memories not things, play that open mic and kill it in karaoke.

Embrace the time you have, just embrace it all!
Everyone has up and downs in life but do not let those downs keep you from getting back up.

Take it all in yo! Harrison Hot Springs

Snap Of Your Fingers, Then Bam? No.

I know, I know I am making this sound like a easy change of mindset to just embrace it and I am fully aware that for some people it is a mental 180. It sure was for me!

The key is to keep at it, keep reminding yourself.
Have others remind you.
Read and educate yourself.
Most of all become your own number one fan that pushes you forward.

The thing is living happily and rolling with life is not a overnight change. It takes work, it takes willpower. Sometimes it takes tough choices like ending relationships and friendships or leaving jobs that make you want to pull your hair out. But in the end, through all the days that you are good to go and the ones that leave you frustrated with yourself and wondering why you cannot just do it (we all go through this and you will do it in time) it is worth it.

Do people who have chosen to be happy have off days?

Of course! But they are also equipped with a brain and knowledge that can work around those days or at least knows well enough that it is just a bad day, not a bad life.

Being happy and choosing to be happy is worth it.

Embracing life is worth it.

You are worth it.

If you would be interested in seeing my friends heading jewellery the link to her website is here;
Rae Kai Healing Jewellery

Bathing suit I wearing is PINK by Victoria Secret

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