Is Your Chinese Zodiac Scary Accurate?


Hey Lovelies,

Is it Tuesday already?!

Seriously where did the week go? It was Friday just yesterday wasn't it? I guess time does really fly by the older you get!

Well today I am going to shake things up a bit a share a random thought with you regarding the Chinese Zodiac and are they were that accurate when it comes to yourself and your personality?

I have always been fascinated with things like this, zodiac, astrology, myths, legends and anything as well as everything that has almost other wordly undertones to it. I like to think there is far more to our world then I-phones and that perhaps back in the day we as people were way more in-tuned with the world around us as well as ourselves then we are today. Though back to the topic at hand!

Chinese Zodiac! Accurate or totally off base?

Let's first take a look at the history of the Zodiac for anyone who is reading this and going what the heck is Nicola on?

The Chinese Horoscope is a complex system featuring terrestrial and astrological 'forces'; the five elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth); the polar opposites of Yin and Yang; directions (East, South, West, North and their various combinations); stones (precious and semi-precious); hours (12 two-hour periods); months and seasons.

The year of your birth does not just indicate your age! According to the Chinese system of Astrology the year of birth indicates a certain phase or aspect of a sixty year cycle of time. Three systems are used for counting and classifying the years: The ten Heavenly Stems, the twelve Earthly Branches, and the twelve Animals. The exact origins of the twelve animal system remain unknown and there have been various legends mentioned relating to the possible philosophy behind the animal signs.

According to the Chinese system of Astrology, each year begins early in the calendar year on a new moon - any Chinese year invariably begins with the second new-moon day after the winter solstice. The Chinese New Year's day, therefore, is movable — just as Easter Day, which is also tributary of the moon — and takes place somewhere between 21 January and 20 February according to astronomic circumstances. The Chinese year is associated with one of the twelve animals: the
Rat, the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse, the Goat, the Monkey, the Rooster, the Dog and the Pig. Their qualities "animate" the year and color it with their distinct natures.

All up to speed?

How about I share my own zodiac with you and we can go from there. I was born in 1988 which lands me the very awesome Zodiac.

The Dragon.

 My brother was pretty jealous that I got the dragon zodiac. We tended to compete in strange ways.
The following is a description and the zodiac history information I have shown has been taken from but I have cut out parts that I felt were simply added elaboration on how awesome dragon folks are (hehe heh).

-Dragons are born leaders and masters of ceremonies. Dragon people get things started and keep them moving. They are feisty and gifted with power and luck. Most people look up to the Dragon.

-Dragons are born monarchs. As far as they can see, their power is indisputable. Dragons are idealists, perfectionists, they are born thinking they are perfect and they are inflexible.

 -Dragons are also aggressive and determined, going after what they want is second nature to them. And due to their hunger for power, Dragons are not well suited to growing old. The prospect of losing power, the helpless feeling of youthful strength ebbing away is unbearable to them. 

-Irritable and stubborn, the Dragon is a real big mouth and their words often outrun their thoughts. Nevertheless, their opinions are worth listening to and their advice is always good. People do, in fact, listen to them and their influence is considerable.
-They Dragon is over-proud. They are enthusiastic to the point of impetuosity, and they lose their temper easily. -Dragons are dauntless, dynamic and delightful. When a Dragon enters a gathering, the room starts to simmer.
-The Dragon carries a self-assurance so impressive, and inflated ego so visible and a mouth so loud that it is useless to try to tell him anything.

-Dragons are tyrannical. They hate orders except when they are giving them. The Dragon knows innately how to exert authority yet be gentle with their slaves.

-Dragons are terrible snobs. Although money is not always the object, they are slavishly impressed by wealth, prestige, rank and splendor. The Dragon is gifted, intelligent, tenacious, willing and generous. They can do anything. No matter whether the Dragon chooses an artistic career, medical or political one, they are going to shine in it. They will be a success wherever they go.

-The Dragon is often loved. They are never disappointed in love. In fact, they are frequently the cause of some drama of despair. The women of this sign are surrounded by admirers and often demanded in marriage.     

Well now that were have covered that I have got to say... it is pretty 75/25 on my part. I always find these so interesting because yes they most likely are pretty close to being like horoscopes. They give enough so that people can take this or that as being a trait that is scary close to their own. In my case the one that stands out to me that I really have to cut-out is the terrible snobs bit though... the hating orders part is right on point!

The only person who can get me to do something I do not want to do is my mother!

I think it is very interesting though when you read these that they really make you take a look at yourself, your thoughts and habits when you try to determine whether it does match you very well or if not at all. They make you look at your positive habits as well as your negative ones.

The reality is they make you face your traits and yourself without you even realizing you are doing!it!

I am sure most will read the "negative" traits and either brush them aside or tell themselves they do not have it while they play up the positive traits going "oh ya! I am totally like that... man I am an amazingly lovely individual".

Have you ever taken a look at your Chinese Zodiac?

Have you agreed that you have some of the positive AND negative traits?

Let me know in the comments and if you have not taken a few minutes and take a look! It it amazing when we can notice or find traits in ourselves where we may not have ever seen them before.

(yes I somehow managed to tie in a positive message with the Chinese Zodiac... its a gift)



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