Twenty-Six and Feeling Fine


Hello Lovelies!

I am back! It has been a really busy week for me, eventful in some good ways and some frustrating ways but the highlight to off set the fact that I am now unemployed (ah the joys of adulthood) is that it was a birthday this past weekend and I am now twenty-six years old which marks another year past and another post of reflecting on the past year. I feel I say this about every year but this year was a doozy. It is almost hard to believe that so much happened in such a short space of time. Because for as long as a year feels it is in the end only just one year.

In this past year I have had to make some decisions that felt impossible at the time, fulfilled my dream of finally seeing England and Scotland (which has now led to me needing to get back there asap), I have made some new fantastic friends and now have a puppy in my life that is my own little ray of sunshine.

I've gotten jobs. I have lost jobs.

I thought I had things figured out and then had to do a 180 and still someone land on my feet.

If this year has taught me anything it is that nothing is impossible. You are your own limitation.

The Age of Age Limitations

We limit ourselves so much to our age which is something I always used to do... you needed this by this age. You were old or over the hill at that age. If you were not married by twenty-five it was a lost cause... and school was for the young. This is all completely untrue. Age is a concept that humans have come up with, as is time.

I recently read this quote in a newspaper and absolutely fell in love with it because it is 100% what I have been trying to put into words without it sounding like a Shakespearian soliloquy;

To revolve your life around time or age is to limit yourself and your own future. I have been told many times that "I am wise for my age" and the fact is that no. No I am not wise for my age. I am wise from my life experiences and too often we toss aside others and ourselves due to age and the assumptions that go along with it. Certain things are not just for the young just like other things are not just for the older folks.

Do not limit yourself because of your age.

And Suddenly I am Twenty-Six

Now when it comes to turning twenty-six... how do I feel?

I feel alright! I expected it to feel like a slap in the face since I am just four years away from thirty but honestly I feel pretty good. I feel good because I finally feel (nearly) at total peace with myself and with my life. I am happier then I have been in... well since I can remember. I am going back to school in just two months, I am single and happy, I have amazing friends, fantastic mom and my adorable dog. I have a roof over my head, a brain in my skull, two hands to create things and a spirit that loves to travel, adventure and explore the world.

I do not feel the pressure I once felt to be married and settled down because I guess I realized that I am not ready to be settled down. I have too many things I want to do, a career I want to chase and places I want to visit without worrying I am letting my husband and family down. I am not settled yet, I am still restless and I am completely at ease with it because I have acknowledged it. As always I am open to meeting someone but it is not priority in my mind. Living is and being happy is and those are two things I promised myself I would do at this time in my life, being twenty-six and awesome. That I would never put myself in a position, whether it is work or friendship or anything that makes me feel unhappy, stressed and unable to cope.

I am limitless because I believe I am limitless.

I have a feeling being twenty-six will be awesome and I look forward to sharing the coming year with you! Here is a quick rundown of my Twenty-Sixth Year of Being Around to Do List;

  • - Go to school
  • - Be Awesome
  • - Be happy
  • - Hydrate
Simple enough! :)

So with this post I will leave you with some photographs from my birthday!

My and one of my closest friends :)
Amazing French Patisserie Cake my friend got me. I hadn't had a
Real birthday cake in almost 8 years! Only because I'd eat it all at home :) 

Homemade skincare (organic) products my friend made me because
she is amazing

Fireworks outside the restaurant...I like to think someone did it just for me ;)

Lovely night xoxo


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