A Message & Back to School Haul!


Hey Lovelies!

Welcome to my newest blog post!

I first off want to thank everyone who has stuck around since the beginning and those who have just started following my blog as well as supporting me. I really do this for the enjoyment of getting to share my thoughts on living a positive and happy life, following your dreams and just overall being awesome. I really appreciate all of you!

I wanted to also thank you guys for getting me past 21,000 views!

That is honestly insane!

I hit 10,000 just in May so this is blowing my mind that I have over 11,000 views in just four months.

Thank you so much you guys rock. This really makes me want to just keep going and sharing my thoughts with you guys.

I am sure you have noticed I have started sharing more then just my thoughts on living a dream chasing happy life though...after writing this blog for over a year I wanted to branch out a bit more and include other topics that interest me and that I think would also interest other 20 somethings out there (hence the lovely20somethings woohoo). I know some of you may be thrown off by the fact I am sharing hauls here and there and not just purely positive posts but I wanted to assure everyone out there that the beginnings of my blog with continue to be a big part of this blog!

I still plan to sharing posts or vlogs on my thoughts about happiness, positive living, wellness and all that jazz once a week because this is so important to me.

Though I also plan on sharing other things that interest me around the end of the week, once a week.

So do not fear! lovely20somethings is not CHANGING, it is just GROWING. As well all must do!

Now. Without further ado.

As many of you know I am returning to school very soon, and by very soon I mean just four days from now. Yes come September 2nd I will be a university student once again and I fully intend on sharing my thoughts about going back to school as a girl in her mid-twenties but I digress. Since I am returning to school it required me going supplies shopping which was...interesting.

Been a long time since I had to buy any real school supplies.

So I thought I would share what I got with you, even though they are things a 12 year old would really love :)

So check out my  haul!

Hope you enjoy it and xoxo as always


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  1. Great work getting to 21,000. I just hit 10,000 myself earlier this month (I feel like you and I hit 5,000 around the same time). I'm hoping my growth rate catches up with yours...it's pretty impressive.

    1. Good luck with your goal!!
      And thank you :) ya it has really surprised me but it is great!


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