DIY : Cheap (whoohoo) Flower Crown


Hello Lovelies!

So tomorrow I am off to the Wanderlust Festival Whistler where I will be fully indulging my inner hippie while my precious heels wait at home! So that means my next post(s) will be about said festival and my thoughts along with experiences there. Since this festival is very chill I figured I would make a little flower crown for myself and my friend for the outdoor music parts of the festival and thought to myself that perhaps I could do a quick little DIY tutorial on my blog on how to make a very simple flower crown without putting out $16.00 for one at the mall.

I know it may seem like it has been a while since I have posted musings on living positively but I have stated that when I post I want it to be real and lately I feel like I have posted a lot about being positive but little about things I enjoy doing, things I want to share and things I think other 20 somethings may enjoy!

Basically I do not want to beat the dead horse and end up posting the same thing too many times!

No worries though the posts about positivity will continue to be written and shared!

Now onto the tutorial!

All you will need is the following;
  • Fake flowers in the color and type of your choice
  • Wire cutters
  • head band preferably the skinny type with "teeth"

  1. Use the pliers to cut a couple of inches below the base of the flower
  2. Take your headband and place the steam against the "back" of the band
  3. Take the stem and wrap it towards you around the band
  4. Cut the excess of the stem

Tada! So far so good! Now time to add a second flower...

Do the same with the second flower, close to the first flower but NOT right against it or it will squish together. Place the stem against the band, wrap towards you and cut excess!

Now continue this with the rest of the flowers you want to use ending at the tip where the "teeth" end.

Before you know it, it will be all done and you will be left with a quick and easy (not to mention cheap) flower crown that is sturdier then you might think!

BAM! Isn't it pretty?

Now go out and rock it!
Happy Friday!

Keep your eyes peeled for my post about the Wanderlust Festival Whistler as well feel free to subscribe, share and find me on instagram at lovely20somethings.


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  1. I don't Instagram, but I pay attention. Happy Hippie Festivus Weekend, Flower Power Gurl.

    - Wade


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