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Hey Guys!

So as some of you may know I started University last week and have been having a very thrilling time re-adjusting to suddenly sitting in lecture rooms and having essays due. On top of that I am starting a new job and feeling like I am 22 all over again (no refrence to the Taylor Swift me...) but it dawned on me that I am, as I suspected, am the eldest in my classes.

Being twenty-six and starting a new degree is tough enough but add some wide-eyed shocked faces of eighteen to twenty year olds surrounding you, shocked that you a basically elderly woman (sigh little youngins) is back at school and doing her first year. As much as it makes me feel like I should start investing in a cane and hip transplant it did not take me long to notice that I may be the eldest in my year I am not the eldest on campus.

I can confidently state that I have see a few 50+ folks with swagger wandering the campus and if they can own it, anyone can, and they really prove the adage that age is just a number...a phrase I have fully believe in for a pretty long time.

So where did this concept some from that by a certain age we need to have this or that figured out?

That we need to have a house, kids, a couple dogs, a great retirement plan and have all our shit (pardon my french) figured out? Whoever came up with these concepts that a woman past thirty is a spinster or a unmarried man over forty must have issues, should be slapped. Along with the person who decided that if you are not a graduate by the age of 24, going back to school after this age is a faux pas. Oh the whole white after labor day thing...seriously who is coming up with these rules that we have to abide by?

These rules that actually keep people from going after things they want?
From travelling because they are too old or too young.
From being accomplished, published, a entrupeneur, a politician or incredible activist because they are too over the hill or still at the base.
Or the ones who declare that if you are not married before thirty life will be misrable. A real pit of hell where your love life is at a standstill and you are definatly dying along because for some reason cats keep camping out on your doorstep...

Age is a concept that people came up with.

There was no written text at the very start of mankind laying out all these "age rules" that we have to follow on pain of being scrutinized, finger pointed and judged. These rules were created by people who, I assume, gained something from these rules.

Age is not a limitation, you are your own limitation.

Don't let the number on your birthday cake decide when time is up to follow your dreams and do the things you have always wanted to do.
You are never to old to dream, to get an education, to travel or write that book you always wanted to. Whatever your want in life, you have the time to do those things.

You only limit is when you are six feet under.

So don't limit yourself and end your future early because of something as trivial as age.

Get out there and do it, whatever it is.


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  1. This is one of my favorite posts that you've written on here. I loathe when I hear people (men or women) complain about their age. It's so stupid to feel like you're old just because you're X years old. Age is just a number in every sense of its meaning. It's merely a way for us to be able to comprehend the concept of time, which in and of itself is a very complex concept. We shouldn't complain about age at all. All that time brings us for certain are wisdom and death.

    For what it's worth, I'll likely be sharing this on Twitter as part of my weekly roundup of the best posts of the week. I share them on Sundays, so just a heads up.

    1. Hey Tim! glad you enjoyed it and I totally agree with your views :)

      Thanks for the heads up with your Twitter!!


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