I Am A Feminist: Thoughts On Emma Watson's UN Speech


Hello Lovelies,

 With today's Tralala Tuesday post I want to start off with a definition of feminism to kick off my post about my thoughts on the UN speech Emma Watson (advocate and actress) gave for the "He For She" movement.

Feminism (as defined by the Oxford Dictionary)noun


the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.

Do you want to know a little secret?

Well it is not really that little, any friend of mine knows this about me but I suppose it is pretty obvious once you get to know me, hear my goals, my opinions and overall character.

I am a feminist.

I am not a man hater, in fact I love men. They are pretty awesome (when they are not doing stupid things but hell girls do stupid things too) and I in no-way see women as superior beings to men.

I see us as equal and always have. 

My mom raised me that way, I never believed any gender was better then another, we have equal rights but unfortunately not everyone feels this way. In fact for many when they hear the word feminist they cringe and males tend to get turn off really fast and go running. But as Watson stated in her fantastic speech which I have listened to a few times is that the word feminism has been incorrectly coupled with man-hating.

To be a feminist does not make you a man hater and for those who claim is does..sorry but you are flat out wrong. People need to remember that in any group, be it a religious group, political group or book club (hehe) ect...there will always be a few or many extremists who are going to take that group and give it a bad name by twisting the meaning of it for their own gains.

To be a feminist means you believe in equal rights.

We live in a "modern" world. Oh look at us with our snazzy pants technology, sleek kick-ass rides and online banking. Look how ahead we are! Too bad this does not apply to equality which it itself is human rights. 

Yet this human right is so far behind that when you really look at the world we have not really changed that much! Many things are still backwards, the woman's "place" is still backwards along with pay and many others things. An emotional man is "weak" and "not an alpha". I would think we live in a day and age where we can put these ideas away, light them on fire and then bury them for no one to find ever. Ever ever.


We all deserve equal rights because we are all human.

In response to Miss Watson's speech I say...that was friggin awesome.

Good job.

Even though I know you won't read this but hey when I like something someone does I am not above giving them credit you badass chick.

Leave you thoughts in the comments!



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